ctors and actresses make some of the highest salaries in the entertainment industry, especially if you’re someone like Marky Mark or The Rock. In fact, just last year, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson together made $133 million, making them the top two highest paid actors of the year, according to Forbes’ “Highest-Paid Actors and Actresses 2017” list. However, it turns out, the entire list of the top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors and actresses are all male, making a cumulative $488.5 million in salaries, with names like Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey, Jr.Read More

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And while Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson topped last year’s list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, their salaries were not quite comparable to that of their male counterparts. For instance, Stone, dubbed the highest paid female actress, made $26 million, which wasn’t even close to the salaries of any of the top 10 actors’. In total, the salaries of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood was $172.5 combined, or about a third of what the men made Some Fun Unblocked Games .

Despite the major gender pay gap, many of these highly paid stars were featured in high-budget action-packed franchise movies like Marvel’s Thor and The Fast and the Furious. Watson’s role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, which made over $1 billion in box offices worldwide, helped land her on this year’s list. And Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy-winning Sean Spicer performance for SNL might have attributed to her success.

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