Last night, two people were killed and 13 wounded when firing near the restaurant in Toronto, Canada. The police has confirmed that one of them was a woman and a second shooter, who died after firing with police. A young girl is in a delicate condition in the injured. After a shooting report, at least 10 o’clock in the afternoon, the emergency staff at Toronto’s United Town arrived at the scene. All the injured have been taken to the local hospitals. Read more: Live: The Tarotto police chief Mark Schwanners all the latest news and updates from Sunday say that the police did not confirm the shooter’s goal and it would not be explained until it was further Do not know Footage from the scene shows a man, a gun, a drive out of handbags, and is able to walk on the streets before the road in the uniteat quit. Read more: The new ‘gay’ expansion of Sheffield expands as ‘Query J’, police has requested the people who can observe the incident, or anybody to get in touch with them. No footage

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