Athens: The fighters reached wood and Athens near the village, after killing at least 20 people and after 100 injuries, the Greek authorities reached the beach to exit residents and tourists on the beach in coastal areas.

The government’s spokesman Dmitrij Tzankovolus said that the majority of the victims were found in their homes or cars in the 40 km (25 miles) north coast of Moti’s coast.

He added eleven people were injured, while 16 were injured.

Late Monday, AFP Photographer Athens, one of the most affected areas near the 40-km northwest of the Middle East, came across a burnt car and motorcycle with four ninety-nine corpses near the port of Rafina.

Authorities said Tzanankolosus were trying to drive residents, while the search continued for more victims.

Army Helicopters were mobilized with the help of nine coastal boat boats, two military ships and “dozens of private boats” to help the trapped people in the Rafna port.

The weapons were moved to the hotel and military camps, while relatives threw them into the area.

The city’s first police told that they took two Danish tourists out of the city’s ocean to sea in 10 ships and tried to find others.

Urban protection head, Yuns Kapak, said he had told Prime Minister Alexis Soupra, who had the opportunity to return to his home to visit Bosnia, making winds an “extreme situation” for an hour to a clock. Was it

More than 300 firefighters, five planes and two helicopters were mobilized to deal with the “extremely difficult” situation in the north of the country, Alle Toulouse, head of the Athens fire.

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The Greek government invited EU Citizen Protection Agreements to help its EU partners, with the country’s cool-box dry and dangerous fire. Bills have largely damaged Sweden and other northern European countries.

The video footage showed that residents have damaged many buildings and houses due to the escape of the fire, as is located in the Atlas area where Athens is located. Emergency has been announced.

The 67-year-old resident told Maria as Maria, “If I do not leave, I am burning.”

In the near area near Marathon, many residents fled the security, while 600 children were excluded from the camps in the area.

Sopras said “all the emergency forces have been mobilized” and in the fires of war with at least three fronts.

Emergency services were banking on a drop in the air but predicted for the region – with which 40 Celsius (104 Fifth) suffered the top temperature – Terms of Conditions on Tuesday will challenge Mangal.

Smoking with leather exit the sun above the famous Parthenian Temple of Athens, where some ministries closed due to the rising heat due to the heat of the summer.

Serpipes said, “I’m really upset with the spread of these fire,” authorities took possession that they could start criminally to destroy their homes.

During summer heat heat, fire in Greece is a common problem and may be a major killer.

Fire in 2007 claimed 77 people on South Asia’s southern island.

Sweden makes 27 fire fighting

On Monday, the Swedish protection agency said 27 active flames across the country, because the height of this week is expected to rise as high as 35 cm.

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Other European countries, including France, Italy and Germany, have sent a mixture of aircraft, trucks and firefighters to help deal with weapons as Sweden, where summer temperature is generally near 23 Celsius, the crisis Has been struggled to stop.

Some 25,000 hectares (62,000 acres) land is already going to smoke or burn in the smoke – twice a area in Paris city size.

The MSB said at least four fire was not controlled, and weather conditions were unbearable.

Sweden is experiencing an unprecedented dry and high temperature which has reached the highest in a century.

No rain from May

Since the beginning of May no country has practically no rain, which is 13 mm (half inches) in the Middle East.

Jungle Bureau said in a statement that the damaged forest price was $ 900 million (87 million euros, $ 102 million).

Other northern European countries are struggling to fire in the forest because temperature is not a hit.

In the province of Northwest of Llandland in Finland, Fire destroyed the forest and grasslands near the border with Russia.

Norway, who has encountered the highest temperatures of May during record this year, has seen many small flights and a firefighter has been killed during the fire July 15.

In more than 800 hectares in the Baltic state’s western areas, Latvia has been torched for five days.

Experts have warned that the high temperature will continue and the rain is not expected


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