He is the worst Greek forest fires in a decade by raged holiday resorts near Greece’s capital, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 100.
In a decade, at least 50 people were killed and more than 100 were injured in the worst accident from a Greek forest fire in the Vienna capital near holiday capital.

A Red Cross official said in a statement that 26 bodies were discovered in the seafront resort of 18 miles of 18 miles of Athens’s Middle East, which killed 24 people throughout the night.

A fire in the soil, which demanded residents and tourists to sea on Monday Monday to escape from the field of fire, was one of them spread across the country’s heat wave, authorities Declared emergency in West and Eastern parts of Atakka

A woman told Greece’s Ski TV, “The soil is still not available as a settlement.” “I burned the dead bodies, cars quickly. I feel lucky to survive.”

During a wild fire near Athens, a woman walks in a mud village in front of vehicles
A woman suits in dirty village during a wild fire near Athens Cruise: AFP
Due to fire, the country’s worst existed because the blades destroyed the Southern Pelopononi penis in August 2007, which killed dozens.

The soil is located in the region, which is popular with local tourists, especially children in pensioners and holiday camps.

Greece’s Prime Minister Alex Stephen said after visiting Bosnia, “We are doing something completely unusual.” “It’s a tough night” for Greece.

According to the official spokesman, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos has died more than 20 people, most of whom were found in their homes or cars in the soil. The Coast Guard increased four dead bodies after the death rate, a short distance from the fire.

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Around the fireworks, the flames fire in the Rafina city as fire flows
In the city of Rafina near AFP, the fire broke out as fire fighters burned in the city: AFP
He added that more than 104 have been injured. Mr Tzanukopolus said, there were 16 children in the injured. One of the least victims thought that a six-month-old child died of smoke lungs.

Tourist resort hit
The Greek authorities hurried to pull out locals and tourists who had been on the beach in the beach starting on Tuesday.

Thousands of people throw in the sea, because there was a conflict between such a wound, and they were raised by passengers.

Army Helicopters were mobilized with the help of nine coastal boat boats, two military ships and “dozens of private boats” to help the trapped people in the Rafna port. Several reports of missing persons, including four tourists in Denmark, one of whom lost a boat on Tuesday in the morning.

“We were exposed,” said Rifna’s Mayor Eagles Bureaus, a port of a sleeping port of the Greek holiday, said, “The wind changed and thus came with us with this force.”

The dock area became an empowered hospital as parameters have examined the survivors when they are away from coastal vessels and private boats. Operation continued during the night.

Multidis Municipalas, deputy director of the ambulances service, said in the daily newspaper that the increase in the number of deaths may increase as more homes and cars have been checked.

“People took surprisingly people and incidents became very sharp, apart from this, broke many of the fires of the fire, so all of these factors were making the situation very difficult.”

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“Now the work we face is now an organization of victims of their families.”

Greece promptly appealed to deal with the fire, and said that it needs its EU partners to get air and land assets. Cyprus offered to send fire engines and officials.

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On February 23, 2018, residents of the coast of the coastal coast of Rafina, the coast of the coast in eastern Acacia, Greece and the Coco-Coli Lemmanaki coast on July 23, 2018, resorted to the sea to escape. # πυρκαγιά #forestfires

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Near the coastal beaches, the first big big fire took place in a long forest, in which 30 miles in the west of Athens between the capital and the Corinth. At least 220 firefighters were in this scene while five water roofs and seven helicopters helped fight with the air. Greece was sent to overcome.

A senior fire head was appealed to appealing to the people on state television after appealing to the people after appealing to the people.

“Leave people and close their homes,” Achilles Taurus said. People can not tolerate smoke for so long. ” “It’s a very big situation.”

A man burns his son as a wild fire in the city of Rafna near Atienne
A man burns his son as a wild fire near Athens, in the city of Rattanna.


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