The countrywide election campaign, which resulted in terrorist attacks, ended in half-a-half shock, as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) – two main political parties have expressed their opinion. . Punjab
Pakistan elections need to know about 2018

There is a safe and safe choice and an important concern for each, approximately 350,000 troops will be deployed with the help of Pakistan’s Election Commission in the process of peace and transparent and transparent elections. In addition, some 450,000 policemen will be part of the security teams who perform duty duty.

Voting method

The polling will start at 08:00 in the country’s most important election and will continue until 06:00 without any break. This is the first time in history that time of polling has been increased for 10 hours.

Elections 2018: Results Management System

The latest poll about upcoming elections shows that the PPP does not deal with any clear winner in the Green and neck fight to deal with a PPP Parliament’s view, because the majority believe that Pakistan is in the wrong way Running However, the number of respondents who intend to vote at this time increased from 76% to 2018 in 2013, up from 82% in 2013.

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