Oakland, California. (AP) – The latest on a deadly attack in California Train Station (Recent Local):

7:50 p.

Suspects arrested a suspect in a deadly execution at Ok Land Train Station.

Officials say that from the Gulf region Rapid Transit Rider, Anonymous Tip led by John Liel, 27, led by him.

Nearly a dozen miles from Ollland, on the pleasant hill station, on Monday night riding on the entity band train was mounted safely.

A lawyer was running from the lawyer as it was suspectedly identified by the 18-year-old New Woolson on Sunday night at Aurland’s MacArthur Bararat Station, randomly and strongly.

Authorities say that Cow had served time to return to second degree and was released from jail on May 6.

Neia’s parents and dozens of people monitored the Monday night station to remember it.


6:20 p.

On a Oakland train station, a surveillance is being conducted, where a woman was released to kill a woman and her sister was injured, officials said that an unusual attack was.

On Sunday, the Mexican Bararat station was stolen in the neck, which reminded the 18-year-old New Wilson to dozens of people on Monday evening.

Authorities are searching for 27-year-old John Wells, who is a criminal killer who was banned from the state prison in May.

It is considered as armed and dangerous.

In Nagar, Neya’s father says that his youngest child’s picture is located on the trap platform under the tarpal. He will never forget this picture and he wants to kill the killer.


4:15 PM

An 18-year-old woman threw by a controversy on the injured sister Parole on the parole that she “blindsided by a madman.”

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Miss Wilson, who is 26, told ABC7 News Monday on Monday that the sisters never suspected John Janel, or with him to change his words before he was in the new Wilson in Gray. Caught up

He attacked and injured him.

Wellington said she ran back in Coilly after fleeing, and she sprinkled her with her knife.

He said he failed to protect his child sister, which he described as “the cheapest person on earth”. They say he said he loved him.

Wholson says she was with Maya and used to work with each other’s sister and family home when Kever attacked a MacArthur train station.

Carlos Rasus, chief of the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police told Monday that the surveillance video shows 27-year-old couples and removing Kohli sisters.

A cousin identified the injured sister of Tashi Wilson, the 21-year-old, but officials later said that missing missing Wilson was injured.


1 ppm

Officials in North California say a man wants a young man to die in a subway station and is a controversial field on Peru.

Carlos Rosa, Head of the BBC Area Rapid Transit Police, told the monitoring video on Monday, “27-year-old John Willell” killed at a speedy “, 18-year-old New Wilson to kill and injure her sister.

Dasas says a spy found a knife near a construction site near MacArthur train station.

The headlines say the surveillance video shows that Kail attacked the sisters early, caught them after leaving them out of the train.

They say it was a “non-profit, demonic attack” and the authorities did not decide.

Rojas says the surveillance video shows cowell escape from a parking lot, where he has changed his clothes.

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Chief says the investigators are trying to determine what was attacked. Rojas says he has no information that was racially motivated, but he is not rejecting this factor as a potential goal. Wilson is black in the sisters, and Valle is white.

“Until then we do not have any information that was inspired in the race, but we can not deny it.”


12:30 p.

Police in North California has beaten a young man Jan 27, 27, in a California train station.

Quetta Rapid Transit Police released three pictures of video pictures of Kailel on Monday, which shows the macrostatic station on Sunday night when the young and his sisters had gone to the platform after leaving the train.

This picture shows that Kyle wore a gray and white track suit and showed a bag.

Carlos Rosa, head of the Bart police, described Valell as “a controversy on Paris.” ”

The police did not indicate the victims, but their relatives say that the 18-year-old New Wilson, who died, and her sister, was 21, Tashi Wilson. Tasha Wilson entered the hospital.


10:30 pm

A relative of a teenager thrown at the North California train station says his cousin was returning home after celebrating his dead boyfriend’s birthday when he was attacked randomly. .

Ivan Monroe was heading his home on Monday, 18-year-old New Wilson, and 21-year-old Tatiana Wilson, 21, who was on Sunday on the Refresh Transit train on the Wells Trans Transit train,


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