Tapai / Beijing (Reuters) – China has accused China of “freedom activists” for the end of the Olympic event in Taiwan, hosting a young game of Beijing’s “political negligence” while avoiding TIPI. The right was after canceling.

Tension with China, which has a sovereign island as an autonomous province, has increased in the recent months, because Beijing has become increasingly suspicious that the President of the Kyai government wants to emphasize Taiwan’s independence of independence. Is.

The Asian Asia Olympic Committee (EOC) rejected Taiwan’s right to host a young game in Taiwan in 2019, which promotes heat exchange between Taiwan and Beijing.

“We can not demand Taiwan to become China’s slanderer only by the international community,” said Taiwan’s cabinet spokeswoman Collas Yakka. “He added that the government has made every effort to reject EAOC’s decision. .

The EOO did not respond to the email request immediately to comment on Reuters, who was unable to trace its telephone number.

The Chinese state media said that this decision was done in a special meeting in Beijing on Tuesday, in which Taiwan’s representative had to vote only for a protest.

China’s Taiwanese office said that this island was due to “some political forces and freedom workers of Taiwan” on the island.

“We repeatedly advised the administration to not challenge China’s policy and harm cross-strategic relations,” a statement said.

“EAOC has done the right decision.”

He further said that the dragged Chinese non-governmental organizations involved in the search of a referendum whether the island should participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics rather than “Taiwan” instead of being “Taiwan”, which should be participated in the past. Both sides were agreed. Olympic event

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Taiwan, which claims Beijing as its sacred area, is China’s most sensitive regional issue and is probably a dangerous military talk point.

China has threatened Taiwan to increase Taiwan’s military and diplomatic pressure, blow bombs around the island and to remove members of its lower band members.

Beijing has demanded that foreign companies and especially airlines do not send Taiwan as non-sugarcane on these websites, the purpose of the move is that the White House described as “Arrowelin Bamboo”. .

The three largest American airlines, the US Airline Group, Delta Airlines and United Airlines, have referred to Taiwan on their website in an effort to avoid Chinese sanctions on Wednesday.


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