Unofficial results continue to pour in from across Pakistan after the daylong polling. According to results received from nearly 30 percent poling stations, PTI has secured a lead on 111 seats followed by PML-N which is leading in 64 NA constituencies.

Party-wise National Assembly positions

PTI has lead in 112 constituencies

PML-N has lead in 64 constituencies

PPP has lead in 42 constituencies

Independents have lead in 18 constituencies

MMA has lead in 10 constituencies

GDA is leading in 06 constituencies

MQM-P has lead in 08 constituencies

BNP-M is leading in 03 constituencies

PML-Q has lead in 03 constituencies

ANP has lead in one constituency


NA-190: Disgruntled PML-N leader Zulfikar Ali Khosa, who swithched to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has emerged victorious in NA-190 Dera Ghazi Khan-2 polls by securing 62,936 votes. Khosa was followed by independent candidate Amjad Farooq Khosa, who bagged 56,310.

NA-12: Nawaz Khan of PTI won the contest by bagging 21,200 votes. Khan was followed by MMA’s Mohammad yousuf, who attained 16,789 votes.

NA-194: Nasrullah Dareshak of PTI won by securing 75,209 votes. The PTI candidate was followed by independent Hafeezur Rehman Khan Dareshak, who secured 60,311 votes.

NA-71: PTI’s Mohammad Ilyas Chaudhry won an important seat by bagging 87,181 votes in PML-N’s heartland of Gujrat. PML-N’s Chaudhry Abid Raza Kotla stood runner-up with 79,946 votes.

NA-137: PML-N’s Saad Wasim Akhtar won by securing 38,077 votes. Akhtar was followed by PTI candidate Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali, who begged 11,359 votes.

NA-17: PTI’s Umer Ayub Khan won election in NA-17 Haripur after he attained 166,786 votes. PML-N’s Babar Nawaz Khan stood runner-up in the polls with 149,292 votes.

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NA-155, Multan: PTI’s Amir Dogar has won the election in NA-155 Multan-2 by attaining 88,567 votes, unofficial and unconfirmed results from all polling stations suggested. PML-N candidate Sheikh Mohammad Tariq Rasheed stood runner-up with 71,457 votes.

NA-26 (NOWSHERA – 2): PTI’s Imran Khattak (27662) vs ANP’s Jamal Khan Khattak (13632)

NA-52 (ISLAMABAD – 1): PTI’s Raja Khurram Shahzad Nawaz (21956) vs PML-N’s Tariq Fazal Chaudhry (9465)

NA-29 (PESHAWAR – 3): PTI’s Nasir Khan (16246) vs MMAP’s Naeem Jan (11968)(%):37

NA-8 (MALAKAND P.A): PTI’s Junaid Akbar (16526) vs PPP’s Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (6139)

NA-55 (ATTOCK – 1): PTI’s Tahir Sadiq (62690) vs PML-N’s Sheikh Aftab Ahmed (41127)

NA-41 (TRIBAL AREA-2): PTI’s Gul Zafar Khan (4569) vs Independent candidate (3225)

NA-32, Kohat: PTI’s Shehryar Afridi (23168) vs MMAP’s Gohar Muhammad Khan Bangash (13061)

NA-25 (NOWSHERA – 1): PTI’s Pervez Khattak vs PPP’s Khan Pervez (10689)

NA-17 (HARIPUR): PTI’s Omar Ayub Khan (62, 087) vs PML-N’s Babar Nawaz Khan (49, 005)

NA-28 (PESHAWAR – 2): PTI’s Arbab Amir Ayub (30279) vs MMAP candidate (9503)

NA-156: PTI’s Shah Mehmood Qureshi wins polls in NA-156 Multan-3 by securing 93,500 votes, unofficial and unconfirmed results from all polling station suggested. PML-N’s Amir Saeed Ansari stood runner-up with 74,624 votes to his credit.

NA-5: PTI’s Sahibzada Sibghatullah wins NA-5 Upper Dir polls by bagging 49,299 votes, according to unofficial and unconfirmed results from all polling stations. PPP’s Najmuddin Khan stood runner-up with 28,736 votes.

NA-193, Rajanpur-1: PTI’s Sardar M. Jaffar Khan Leghari wins with 87915 votes in NA-193, Rajanpur

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NA-5, Upper Dir: PTI’s Sahibzada Sibghatullah wins NA-5, according to unofficial results obtained from all polling stations.

NA-54, Islamabad: PTI’s Asad Umar leads with 26,443 in NA-54 Islamabad-3, while PML-N’s Najam Aqeel Khan follows behind with 11,188 votes.

NA-16 (ABBOTTABAD – 2): PTI’s Ali Khan Jadoon (23850) vs PMLN’s Mohabbat Khan (15980)

NA-69 (GUJRAT – 2): PML-Q’s Pervez Elahi (41160) vs PML-N’s Ch Mubasher Hussain (15719)

NA-61 (RAWALPINDI – 5): PTI’s Aamir Mehmood Kiani (11, 668) vs PML-N’s Ibrar Ahmed (6, 655)

NA-36 (LAKKI MARWAT): PTI’s Ishfaq Ahmed Khan (5198) vs MMAP’s Muhammad Anwar (5147)

NA-46 (TRIBAL AREA – 7): PPP’s Sajid Hussain Turi (888) vs Independent Syed Irshad Hussain (484)

NA-28 (PESHAWAR – 2): PTI’s Arbab Amir Ayub (29802) vs MMA’s Sabir Hussain Awan (9186)

NA-16 (ABBOTTABAD – 2): PTI’s Ali Khan Jadoon (22121) vs PML-N’s Mohabbat Khan (14864)

NA-9 (BUNER): PTI’s Sher Akbar Khan (25539) vs ANP’s Abdur Rauf (14865)

NA-93 (KHUSHAB – 1): PML-N’s Umar Aslam Khan (14387) vs PML-N’s Sumaira Malik (10116)

NA-83 (GUJRANWALA – 5): PML-N’s Zulfiqar Ahmad (31121) vs PTI’s Rana Nazir Ahmad Khan (17839)

NA-73 (SIALKOT – 2): PTI’s Muhamamd Usman Dar (28722) vs Khawaja Muhammad Asif of PML-N (27369)

NA-59 (RAWALPINDI – 3): PTI’s Ghulam Sarwar Khan (15, 620) vs Independent candidate Ch Nisar Ali Khan (7150)

NA-43 (TRIBAL AREA – 4): PTI’s Noor ul Haq Al Qadri (17487) vs Independent (16656).

NA-34 (KARAK): PTI’s Shahid Ahmad (14545


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