Hall We cast our minds back to the more innocent era of 1992, when the presidential campaign was named by a young southern governor Bill Clinton, almost almost aspiring by claims that he would have an extramarital affair with a former lounge singer named of Gennifer Flowers

As it happens, Clinton survived that episode – he and Hillary jointly appeared on 60 Minutes, as Hillary famously explained: “You know, I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette”, but it was a close-run thing

Now imagine that a tape emerged in which Clinton and his personal lawyer talked about how to pay the hush money to keep the flowers silent, an undeclared payment that would be in violation of financial finance laws. There can be no doubt: It would have been Clinton as a candidate, and it would have been as president for his impeachment as (further) grounds on it.

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However, on Tuesday, the lawyer for Michael Cohen – Donald Trump’s personal attorney, fixer and keeper of his secrets – released a tape released in a tape which he and Trump have discussed how exactly the playboy model of a former Playboy model, Karen McDougal. Cohen apparently wanted it to be legally legitimate, while Trump seemed to have other ideas. Hall puts our minds in a more innocent period of 1992, when the South African governor’s presidential campaign was claimed by Bill Clinton. There will be an extraordinary matter with the named lounge singer. Gennifer Flowers

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As it happens, Clinton does not survive this incident – he and Hillary were jointly published for 60 minutes, as Hillary mentioned in a statement: “You know, I’m not sitting here, my little Women like standing tomatoes are standing. ” Close run thing

Now imagine that a tape came in which Clinton and his personal lawyer heard how to pay the money better that the flowers would have to be silent, the indispensable payment, which would violate the guest finance laws. There may be no doubt: tomorrow Clinton will be destroyed as a candidate, and will be caught on (more) basis for his dissatisfaction as President.

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Till late on Tuesday, Michael Kohen’s lawyer – a personal lawyer of Donald Tomep, the fixed and co-founder of his secrets released a tape in which he and Trump have heard how former former former former former former Boleba model, Karen Mc Douglas . It is obvious that Kohen wanted to handle legitimacy, while Trump expressed other ideas.


“We have to pay,” says Kohen. Trop reply: “Pay cash.”

There was an impact on tomorrow Clinton. According to a client in 1992, the storm feels because of which and when Trump spoke two months before the 2016 election. The whole political party is obliged to be destructive.

And yet the least Kohen Tape stories will destroy the trap. Instead, they will think that it will dominate the news cycle for a few hours, and will be ignored before Fox News is replaced by someone else. It has become a set pattern.

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Notice the BBC Panama Program’s month’s month that Trump behaved like “Procurement” on parties packed with young girls in the late 1990s and 1990s. It also included Barbara’s testimony, then a young model, whom Trump asked her age. Hearing that he was 17 years old, Trum said: “Oh, so good. So you’re not too old or young. It’s great.” Pile added, “I felt that I had a shark Was present in presence. ” Once again, imagine that the same opinion is based on the position of the cleaner or any former president. Yet for the trip, they just made a tent.

Simple, contradictory fact is that the main supporters of the trap do not have to go away from it. His approval rating between the Republic of the heavens is high (although there are signs that have been left in the pool of Americans identified as the Republic, perhaps it is only with true believers who wear a party label Proud). In the 2016 tour of Trap, he shot dead on the fifth event and still he is not lost.

This is one reason that Trump’s opponents are not expected to investigate Robert Miller’s special lawyer, allegedly confusing Russia and the Trop Campaign. Even though a collapse in the jaw against Taylor creates evidence, the president may not be affected. For the possible response flavor, note that the latest avoids of Alice Jones has been broadcast, wild, proof-free, alleging that Moeller’s child was involved in a sexual ring and used to imagine Mueller’s shoot. (Expectedly, Facebook, which is Anvors, said the broadcast did not violate its rules.)

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We have to face the fact that after 2016 the following standards and standards apply in our world. In the UK, we can see which things


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