Redding, California (AP) – The latest on California fighters (local time):

10:40 PM

A fire-fire official said that the explosives-related fire-fired firefly operator in North California has killed as he targeted the blast and injured three firefighters.

Nail fire spokeswoman Scott McLean said that Carrot fire burnt on the bulldozer operator in Shiv County, which privately and supplies. He says that the man’s body was late late Thursday.

McLean says that the number of three firefighters and unidentified people has increased but did not know the extent.

They say the fire “takes everything down on its way.”

The explosion burns dozens of homes in the western coast of Costa, Casec and Redding, the city of 92,000 people, and communities.

Maclean says that the situation is an exceptionally unusual threat to the residents as Redding, which will be tried to give a little warning.


9: 25 p.

Thousands of explosives-related wildfire fire in North California have been burnt to dozens of homes, injured firefighters and civilians.

Scott McLean, a spokesman for the Kyr-fire Fighting spokesperson, says “Everything in its way is to be down.”

He said that almost 92,000 people burnt dozens of homes in the western populations of Shasta, Kassak and Reading.

McLean says that the situation is “very dynamic” and it is “a hook of war.”

An unknown number of firefighters and civilians were burnt, but he could not explain it. No death report has been reported.

45 square miles (115 square kilometers) took fire, reducing temperature, low moisture and wind conditions on Monday night on Monday.

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5:20 p.

California officials say that the wild fire has increased rapidly by the Shasta County in the north.

The California Department of California and fire protection officials say they are 45 square miles (115 square kilometers) in the Jones County community.

The fire was 31 square miles (80 square kilometers) on Thursday morning.

Authorities say the fire is about 10 percent.

The Whiskey Town was once a dynamic and annoying mining city.


2:30 PM

Officials of the State Park say employees work on the night and threatened by wild fire from a remote museum in the northern California Rush era.

Actress District Superintendent Matt Teng has said that she initially helped the old court of historic historical park being held on Thursday.

Teague says staff and volunteers were in the minds of shining brightness of the nearby fire burning Redding above the mountains.

Teague says that rescue efforts had to be stopped almost morning early. But the fire changed the direction and he was able to work for another five hours to save valuable paintings and prints.

The restoration of the 1861 Department of the Museum has the center of this park that remains and renovates in the city of North Carolina as “Queen City”.


12:10 p.

The California governor, Geo Brown, announced the emergencies in the states of the railway and Shasta as fire on both ends of the states.

The announcements have issued a Friday state that the spread of hot temperatures, faulty air and low humidity both has increased.

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In the wildlife county of North California, a wild fire night has been ruled three times more, and more costs have been ordered.

In South California, thousands of people with thousands of anti-Jane Antates were fired thousands of people as a suspected fire fighters fire in Jackson’s mountains.

Announcements order state-run emergency services to provide serious assistance.


7:45 am

The size of the California California area in California is three times increase and more costs have been ordered.

Instead of fire in Shasta County, more than 31 square meters (80 square kilometers) was estimated Thursday morning.

The local California Highway patrol office says the fire is now in the oldest community and ready to leave the West Reading community.

The French Embassy of Hamili, which was located in the history of Gold Rush, came after fire on Monday following a car accident.

Thousands of people were fired on Thursday in South California, as a suspected alien wild fire burnt in Los Angeles’s San Jacques Mountains on Thursday.


6:50 am

California’s firefighters face the second day of high temperatures, because they try to stop suspected fireworks of wild fire, which have climbed the hill houses and burned five houses in the eastern areas of Los Angeles.

The sun is in the jacuzzi hills in the summer on Thursday morning, where the fire has been broken, but Gehsey says that temperatures will be minimal with less humidity than at least 90 to 100 and in the afternoon afternoon and evening winds May be.

The fire took place on Wednesday and rapidly spread 7Β½ square meters (19 square kilometers), which was forced to end the summer camps of other cities of Edevold, other communities and youth.

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