Beijing: China has sincerely hoped that Pakistan will smoothly complete its political transition, maintain stability and achieve greater development.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang during regular press briefing “We are closely following the ongoing elections in Pakistan. Beijing: China sincerely hoped Pakistan should complete its political transition, maintain stability, and get more growth.

Foreign Secretary Spokesperson Gang Shengang “During the press press briefing,” we are close to the ongoing elections in Pakistan. We sincerely hope that Pakistan will complete its political transition easily, maintain stability and get more growth.

Answering a question about the success of PTI chairman Imran Khan, he talked about China-Pakistan relations, and emphasized that the new administration further promoted friendship and cooperation with China. Will increase the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China’s anti-corruption and poverty eradication experience, the spokesperson said, “China remarked Imran Khan’s remarks about China-Pakistan relations.” On many occasions, he said that Pakistan with China The relationship is the basis for its foreign policy and there is no difference that the party who takes the office will not change Pakistan-friendly policies from China.

He said that Pakistan is ready to learn from China’s Chinese development experience, and supports values ​​and CPECs, which is very important for the country. China pursues it highly and believe that Imran Khan and other parts of Pakistan are all the spectacular champions for friendship with China and Pakistan.

The spokesman added that Imran Khan’s comments also show that China-Pakistan friendship is a season. However, the internal situation of the two countries can be developed, there will be no change in all the meteorological strategic cooperation of China-Pakistan, as it is in the interests of both the countries and the two countries.

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PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s victory speech in which he said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and China on the high-level relations of China-Pakistan relations and emphasized that the new administration will further strengthen its friendship and cooperation with China. China’s anti-corruption and poverty alleviation experience, the spokesperson said “The Chinese side noted Mr. Imran Khan’s remarks on the China-Pakistan relationship. He said on several occasions that China’s relationship with China serves as its cornerstone for its foreign policy, and no matter what party takes office, it will not change Pakistan’s friendly policies toward change. ”

“He said that Pakistan is willing to learn from China’s experience of development, and values ​​and firmly supported CPEC, which he believes that is a great importance to the country. China is very commend this and believes that Mr. Imran Khan and other people from all sectors in Pakistan are all staunch champions for China-Pakistan friendship. ”

The spokesman further said Imran Khan’s remarks also showcase that China-Pakistan friendship is an all-weather one. Although the situation in the two countries may evolve, the China-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative partnership will be unchanged, as it is the two countries and two people of common interest.


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