Rep. Jason Lewis (R-Minn) welfare recipients are called “parasites” and the most recent slavery of the slavery in connection with the uninterrupted comments from the CNN program compared to the program.Read More….

“In the April 2012 part of his radio show,” Jason Lewis Show, “Congress suggested that black welfare black Americans still have to live on” planting “.

Lewis said “Blacks fought so hard … so inkers can take care of themselves and what can not be done.” “Now, you’ve got a state of modern welfare that tells black people and Hispanic people and poor white people: ‘Do not worry. We’ll take care of you. What’s the difference? Has taken a planting place for. ”

In the September 2012 section, Lewis criticized the welfare recipients, saying that Democrats won 2008 due to “parasites” due to the well-being of the White House.

“It’s possible because the Democratic Dream is true: Parasites know more than producers,” Lewis said. “Then, when parasites have increased the number of producers, the parasites will vote for the majority.”

A Lewis spokesman told the CNN that this Congress “is free to concentrate on the past past rather than the Congress Congress Lewis, and there is no doubt that to ignore the argument Will continue, but it is not included in the discussion. ”

Lewis Deputy Press Secretary Carter Mockle directed a huff post application for comment on the Congress campaign, which did not respond immediately.

Lewis told Fox News that he contacted the police to publish several stories about his earlier statements and contact the police after his and her daughters, most of whom were racist or sexually explicit Contained

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Legislator, who was first elected to represent another district of Minnesota, is in the middle of a high-re-election campaign campaign. The Kick Political Report named “to-up up” the race for its district, which means that any party can win.

It’s not the first time Lewis’s radio comments have been behind him. During his 2016 bid, the women had to face a call to get rid of their previous comments. He called a young woman “ignorant”.

At a press conference at the House, House Speaker Paul Renn (R-Voice) said he did not support Lewis’s comments but named him an ideal Congress which well represents his circles.



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