It is fun for girls as well as in the visual art class in Hollywood. The list is growing only, with its visual effects expert, Laurab Atta, climbing out unusual heights after his great advancement in the year 19, 2006.

Lariib is the daughter of the legendary singer Attaullah Khan Askhaili as well as the first visual and artistic artist of the first and youngest woman in Hollywood. And its latest plan is Tom’s cruise mission: impossible – pride.

Before starting the course, I did not know what the VFX is. Atta commented in a recent interview with the BBC Asia Network that I just realized that it is magic for movies. “For the first time I saw toy story, it really encouraged me. I was like ‘wow, how’s it?’

“I did not know back I was going to visual effects, but something about this art was at me and the technology is what I wanted to do.”

Meet Lariab Atta: Waves of visual effects of Pakistan in Hollywood

Therefore, it was difficult to tell his parents what he did. “My parents did not even know what I was going to do,” he said. “But when I talked to my mother my father, he used to help me completely. He told me that there is a choice in the world. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to follow, you Of course it can go for it. ”
Lariab also hopes to impress women of other young women.

“Back to the day when I started the day, I was only one girl in my course. I was the youngest and the only, only Pakistan.” Larry added, “I am not seeing many Pakistanis.” 31-year-old artist commented that “There are some women who have now started looking into the industry that still 70% -80% are men.” “The goal is that more women can take youngsters to this and more Pakistanis.” . ”

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The artist has already worked in X-Men: Days of the Future, Chronicles of Narnia and Swine Todd.Read More…..


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