Bamakie – The Maldives voted on Sunday to decide whether President Barack Obama’s second visit to Katie is not permitted to give a second visit, which has dramatically worsened between ethnic and jihadist violence. Because he came to power five years ago.

Two dozen other candidates were presiding in the Sahara Desert country, in the wake of the last survey in 2013, in the north and central zones, the Pregig rebellion and Islamist militants were scared.

Inevitable is that there will be no vote in some parts of the country, and the European Observer Mission urged the government on Saturday to publish a list of places that would fail to vote, fake polling stations. ”

8 lakh voters are registering. On polling stations at 8:00 (0800 GMT) polling stations in Bamia mostly began voting. Candidates of Poland near 6 ppm include businessmen, a space expert, and only a female.


The threat of violence was on the mind of voters, which could reduce turnout in a country where only 40 percent of the vote could be put on average.

“I was afraid to come and vote due to insecurity, but I am happy because everything went well,” said Maryam Sass, a 26-year-old housewife in northern Medieval Islamic city Timboquet. It passed by Islamist militants in 2012.

Referring to the 68-year-old candidate, “I voted for Salma Melaa, because I want the power to change hands.”

One of the Reuters witnesses said it was a peace and security in Tempukhtu on Sunday, which resulted in the ongoing elections resulting in endangerment.

A thousand kilometers (600 miles) southwest of 32-year-old Hama Diwalo in Bamia hoped only a safe future. “I hope the presidential election prefers security, nothing is possible without it”.

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The mission of the European Observer Mission Execile Cageen said that the mission was notified about some events in the north and center, on which they refused to explain, but otherwise the votes started peacefully.

“I will demand caution. Opening is a small part.” He still said it is very early (on this process), “he said.

The feeling of supply
According to Malnankan civil society website, in the past three years, the attacks of jihad increased three times and the death of violence doubled. Islamists have spread even from north to the center, spreading from north to the center, even Bamyan – in 2015, when armed men killed 20 people on the hotels along with the hotels on the hotel as well.

The deserted desert is seen as the biggest threat of Western interests. They have influenced foreign targets and the West West, and often they do not leave a multi-million dollar until these years.

Last month, a suicide bomber allegedly rescued a motorcycle, which killed three people in the central financial, intense, regional headquarters of the Regional G5 Saul Counter Terror Force.

The growth under Keti has increased by five percent, and key exports of gold and cotton have expired, as rice is the agricultural capital like rice, but insecurity has shining brightness.

Malaysia’s UN Security mission has suffered more than anything in history, with which 170 peacekeepers are killed, and human rights groups allegedly accused of the death penalty by the security forces. I have picked up the alarm. The Defense Ministry pledged to identify their identity that they should be massacre linked to mass graves.

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So far there is peace in Malaysian elections. However opposition candidates have accused the alleged list of allegations, and Cisse told thousands of supporters on Friday that the government was planning to steal the elections.

Near to the point of view of his house, while voting near Timboqto, he repeatedly showed his complaints, which would have to be angry.

“Every man will be careful on the face of this effort on fraudulent fraud.” This historic election can not be piloted, “he said.

Keithi dismissed the allegations of the CC, as she studied dirty roads in the home area of ​​Sibenkoiro outside Bamako, where greasy greens were greasy.

“This germicidal deficiency is absolutely useless. There is only one electoral roll in the financial,” he told reporters, the trademark white white cafe and skull caps.

France and as well as the Western countries like the United Nations, on the other hand, emphasize many disputes that they do not allow disputes to spread in violence.

UN Secretary-General General Antonio Gates said on Saturday that “It is a safe, free and transparent process for all political actors to finance the survey.”


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