Manufactured by the Mexican Engineers of Technical Management of Mechanical Engineer, with a ability to navigate the difficult region, a robot like a chat has been created.

The leopard III, which is 90 pounds, can climb the stairs to 23 km on the wing, and if it falls down.

The third-generation machine will be initially deployed as a deployment robot and remote control or semi-autonomous control can be controlled in nuclear or chemical plants.

The low-cost professor of the Leopard Professor Sibba said that the robot will not depend on the cameras to find its way: “There are many unexpected ways, the robot should be able to handle too much without ignoring the robots. .

“Vision noise, bit wrong, and sometimes may not be available, and if you have a lot of confidence on the point of view, your robot has to be very accurate in position and will slow down.

“So we want robots to get more confidence in the information they have. That way, we can handle unexpected obstacles in moving forward.”

Leopard III uses two algorithms that are 20 times per second, one to detect one touch, and determines how the robot will move its balance and retrieve it.

Low said: “We believe that in Chat III, two or three years will be going to the power plant with radiation.

“In five to 10 years, it should be able to do more physical work as to deal with the power plant by cutting pieces and extracting pieces. In 15 to 20 years, it is entering a building fire and potentially life Should be able to save. ”

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The project is supported by the Air Force Office’s scientific research, the Electronics firm Fukkin, the Korean company’s breakfast and the Toyota Research Institute.

Leopard III will be presented at the International Conference of Madrid on Intelligent Robots in October 2018.


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