The Donald Trump is giving a glimpse of the fear of fearing him as a fear of a moment to investigate Russia’s special adviser Robert Miller, to various parts of the political and legal weakness around the president. Somewhere is threatened.

office had taken the first trial. – President of the former adventurer of the President, Paul Mayanf, was arrested in Virginia.
Robert Miller has started the rubbish Dutch haggra, up to 17 (up from 13, Obama Obama’s White House lawyer), Angry Democrats, was started by a cheating dossier, Crico Hillary and DN Was paid by C. Therefore, Witch Hunt is an illegal scam! “Trump tweeted on Sunday.
Sunday’s tropical tweets have made their most special efforts, which still do not defame any results of investigating Mooreer resulting in allegedly interference with Russia, after clear signals that GOP voters against the investigation Their previous attacks have been effectively effective in tightening the opinion.The attacks are not just a window in their anger, they represent a strong class strategy that is loyal to its loyalty political basis and united to the other Republic. To go to the moderate election for 100 days, it may be difficult for GOP.
There are 100 days in the moderate elections. What to see here
There are 100 days in the moderate elections. What to see here
But they have also affected the attention of the boat by the President’s best hope to destroy a democratic route in the election, the story of the building which he has rejected the national prosperity period, which is 4.1 percent in the second quarter. The economic growth rate is significant. Year.

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A week of coin and Mueller’s play

After President Baghdad on Sunday, the CNN reported that former President of the President Michael Kohen is ready to tell Miller that Trummer knew about the June 2016 meeting in Tour Tower, which was dirty on Russia Hillary Clinton. But were ready to put hands. The president has denied that he already knew about the meeting.
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In addition to the last few weeks, it was emerging that the long-term finance officer of the Trump Organization, Alan Weisselberg, has progressed in a federal criminal investigation in Kohn, which has led to the fact that Net President President Closed around the circle.
And atomically, given Sunday’s election procedure, the New York Times reported last week that the United States was investigating Trap’s tights in the firing of former director of the FBI, James Comi. The intention of interrupting the court.
Is Robert Moeller ever going to continue his conflicts with interest in President Trump, in fact the fact that we had a very dirty and negative business relationship, I did it to FBI (a sc As a fixed one day) It’s close friend, “Trim said in another tweet.
After a third explosion against President Mueller.

“… Apart from this, why Mueller only determines angry dreams, some of whom have worked for Crisp Hill, which others have added, worked for Obama … And why not Mellar is looking at criminal activities and why not. – The real Russian influence on Podestast, Doier, by democracy? “Tricks of the tweets were packed in error and in error, but the conspiracies used to be very close to the conspiracy theory driven by the media, which was designed for the honorable appealer. Against the trap or their team member to investigate the allegations of accusation to investigate their investigations.
It was not immediately pronounced that the president means that when he claims that Maler’s interests existed. The New York Times reported in January that the president has claimed a dispute that in 2011, Washington’s membership in Washington to leave the Tomamp Golf Club in 2011 has called Member as the FBI director.
Justice Justice’s decision was fixed last year when Moeller had appointed special counsel that his involvement in matters with him was appropriate.

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Arranged the trump press

The New York Times publisher AA on Monday. With Swazberber, after breaking the details about a private meeting, Trap attacks on Moreller made an unprecedented attack on the media by the president.”When their trumpet is crazy based on the media by the Dirsimmund Syndrome – our government’s internal consultation shows, it really keeps the lives of journalists more than a very dangerous threat! Very uncomfortable!” Trump tweeted on Sunday afternoon.



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