Washington – President Trumpp on Wednesday sought an exclusive consultation with the Attorney General Jeff Session, demanding an extraordinary appeal to the President of the Special Special Representative to prevent the inquiry from the President of the President.

The order immediately questioned some lawyers whether it was trying to stop justice. Special advisors appointed last year to monitor the Russian government’s investigation, are already seeing the president’s previous Twitter posts and public statements whether he intends to stop the inquiry about Russia’s intervention in 2016 elections. Keep track of the trump campaign

Mr Trap’s lawyers were moved quickly to fall, and said that it was not for a cabinet member, but there is only one opinion. After an hour, Mr Trop’s lawyer contacted a New York Times reporter. In a telephone conversation, a lawyer, Rudolf W. Giuliani, dismisses the barriers of justice, calling it “the odd and novel theory of barrier by tweet”, adding that it Was “foreign institution”.

The presidents generally do not weighed in the investigation of the active Justice Department, but Mr. Trumps are exposing their anger and frustration with Russia’s inquiry. Mr Trum has also said that Mr. Sessions will never refuse his inquiry to Mr. Mr. Session till he has ascertained Mr. Session.

The Justice Department refused to comment.

In order to avoid Mr. Tipom’s proposed types, Mr Session himself recycled himself at the beginning of 2017. Later, the special lawyer for the inquiry, Robert S. Moral III, was appointed.

President’s lawyer J. Sulwool and Mr. Joloni told in a telephone interview that Mr Trap was not directing the inquiry to stop, but expressing his opinion.

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Mr Giuliani said “this is not the action,” he added, it is a feeling that Mr. Trump and his lawyers had already publicly expressed it and it was a statement that he was to the President’s constitutional right. Free from speech is protected.

Seculio said “he does not feel that he has to interfere with the process, or he intervenes.”

His lawyers said that the president wanted the legal proceedings to come out. “They are expressing their opinions,” he said, but he is not talking to his special powers as President.

Mr. Trap’s Mr. Trap said the second day of the trial trial, Paul Munnov, was heard in the case of former president of former former president of the former adventurer and special consultation for the trial. Mrferforf accused of bank and tax fraud, that Mr Tampor has not related to his role as his own.

In another Twitter Twitter post, Mr Tampamp compared to Captain Bennon’s situation in Mananfar recently.

It was an emerging comparison: Mr. Captain was a very sorrowful to witness the death and testimony of many people, but he was eventually convicted of tax crimes in 1931.

Mr. Session’s demand for ending the inquiry was unprecedented and Mr. Trump demanded Mr. Session to “dispose the law”. Obama told a long time prosecutor that Obama was the top contributor in the Justice Department.

“What he is saying here is nothing that is capable of investigating his actions, and if necessary, be responsible for his actions.”


Mr Trump attacked the integrity of a special lawyer, attacked the press and attacked the courts, “All institutions designed to provide check on all executive authority and Mr. Session’s application was part of a large sample. Rich, “he said.

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Mr Trup has directed a series of Twitter to know his objection in his objections, and a researcher has been accused of “to stop the end of the investigation.” Some of these messages were present, which the President has declared stable. Pro, lawyer Ellen Dessert.

Mr Mueller and his team are also watching that Mr. Session and former F.B.I. There are some of Mr. Trop’s Tweets about. Director James B. Comi intended to stop the inquiry.

Vice President’s Democratic Center Patrick J. Leah suggested Wednesday on Twitter that the only director of President Session was the only director.


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