Ireland, Zimbabwe – The latest in the Zimbabwe election (all times local):

1:05 PM

The British Minister of State Harrison Baldwin says he is “deeply concerned” about the violence in Zimbabwe’s capital and demands political leaders that “this calm moment is calm and comfortable.”

Its statement on Twitter emphasizes the travel alert on British citizens change situation in Zimbabwe.

The US Embassy in Harare has issued a statement that American authorities insisted to avoid the central business district after the chaos of Wednesday, in which the army had entered the Harare City and spread fire to pro-opposition supporters. Planted

The American statement says “political situation in Zimbabwe is uncertain.”


12:45 PM

Z Zimbabwe’s Election Commission told reporters that soon the announcement of the results of Monday’s presidential election will soon be done.

The Zimbabwe state’s broadcaster already tweeted that the Commissioner said it would announce these results to 9pm. This tweet has been deleted.

According to the law, the results of the commission are five days after the election to be held on Monday.


12:10 p.

China has declared Zimbabwe’s election as “organized” and has demanded Zimbabwe before the earthquake that three people die after the violence in the capital after maintaining peace and stability.

Foreign Minister’s spokesman Gang Shengang said Z Zimbabwe invited China to send an election observation mission, and Zimbabwe called “well-being” in the Monday’s vote on the occasion.

China has influenced South Africa.


12:05 PM

The European Union has demanded one day to be calm in Zimbabwe that after one day after violence, linked to Dushanbe elections, the European Union says “due to lack”.

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“We make an appealing and comfortable appeal on all sides and appeal to the protesters according to law,” said the Federation of Foreign Affairs’s Head of the Federation of the European Union.

In the statement it states that “There is really a lack of playing field, which has dropped around a lot of votes.

It demands for the final election results “in the way the complete transparency and accountability is included by the polling station.”


11:50 am

The Election Commission of Zimbabwe says that it will announce presidential election results after announcing 9pp that West Electoral Observer stressed to avoid further stress after their release.

The commission demanded the public to remain calm and condemned violence in capital Harari Wednesday, killing three people.

Both the opposition and Western election observers have questioned why presidential results were first counted, generally publicly shared. The opposition has raised concerns about the possibility of making such a type, which has identified previous elections under former leader Robert Mugabe.


11:40 am

The head of observers of joint election in Zimbabwe claims that they call “security forces more use of force” than security forces.

Former Ghana president John Dramani Mahma, three people in capital city, kill one day later, demanding all the parties to protest.

Militants shot dead visits to spread protest demonstrators, some of whom thrown rockets and destroyed the country.

Monday’s election results have prompted Mahama to promptly, so that delay will increase as a result of which increase.

According to the Law of Zimbabwe, the final election telecom is being issued by Saturday. It is to say that the vote was free and fair and the results of the parliament show that the ruling party had won the majority.

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11:30 AM

The capital capital of Zimbabwe is rotating in Harir, and salesmen and other people are asking for the afternoon to get out of the city center.

It is not yet clear when the Election Commission will announce the next set of Monday results. International observers of joint and other places emphasize the release of presidential results as soon as possible.

A day after a heavy police presence around HQ HQ headquarters headquarters, after the Democratic Change Party, the army passed a day after protesting in the city to spread its supporters. Three people were killed.


10:45 am

Zimbabwe’s president, Emerson Mangangova, says his government is in touch with the main opposition leader in the attempt to reduce stress after election-related violence in the country’s capital.

On Tuesday, Muniggua also tweeted that he wanted “independent investigation” in Harari clashes, and he is saying that he should be “responsible” and should bring in justice. ”

After four people were killed, soldiers detained Wednesday, killing a target shooter and protesters.

The government has condemned the opposition for demonstrators who threw stones and after the fire, the Zimbabwe election commission said that the ZAN-PF party ruled the same.


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