Today Epic Games has announced that it will not distribute its popularly popular game foriteight on Android through Google Play Store Market.

Instead, the company intends to distribute direct directives to the players through the official Fortnite website, where Android users can download the Phantite installer program to install the game on sync devices. Reports have been confirmed this week before the news that Epic Games will be Google bypassing loadloading.

There is no concrete release date for the forensite

Android version, but the rumor rumors that the release of the game will turn off with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launch. The epic game declined to comment on the release date or any partnership with Samsung.

Approval does not give 30% GOOGLE via every application RATHER
Nevertheless, the announcement is an indication of paddling departure from the industry’s scale by using mobile operating system makers for Apple and Google applications. For the on-going on iOS, Epic decided to split the game on the app store, mostly because iPhone users had no other way to easily download the software. (Apple, unlike Google, does not allow users to download the apps that are not approved by its internal review process for the first time and distributed through its proprietary market.) Google And with its more open platform, the epic app may be far away to divide itself.

CEO Tim Swaini says that the main movement here is two times

Wants to maintain direct relations with epic users. (The Company currently distributes the freight on the PC by using Wall’s popular steam platform instead of its own epic game launcher.)

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“Epic wants a direct connection with its customers, which is possible on all platforms where it is possible,” Swen told Edge on Email. “The big thing about internet and digital revolution is that it is possible, now there is no need to distribute physical storage and central resources.”

The second reason is financial:

Epic does not want to pay 30% of Google’s kit, especially it is believed that the app is funded by purchase in the entire game. “The 30% store tech is a high price worldwide, where game developers must meet 70% development, practical, and all the prices of their sports support.” “There is a logic for it on the console, where there is a lot of investment in hardware, often selling down prices, and marketing campaigns in a broader partnership with publishers.”

But those mobile platforms are open, such as

“30 percent of their store performance, such as payment payment processing, download bandwidth and customer service services.” Swaini says that it is “familiar with these costs” by direct distribution of freight on Epic Mac and PC.

Forexite on iOS put $ 15 million in the market in its first three weeks, so it is appropriate to assume that the mobile version of the game is an affordable source of income for the epic. In the past month, the company has also declined to reduce the revenue reduction, which it takes from the asset that sells digital work on a realistic engine 4 platform due to the continuous financial success of Frontite.

“30 percent of people at the cost of services are stable as they are.”
Of course, there are some concerns about how it will work, and does it open Android devices on any risk of any security or data security, because after running third-party software out of Play Store I include removing specific reservations on Android devices. Swaini says he does not see security as a big problem here. “Gamers have proved to be able to adopt secure software modes, and through many sources, gaming has been gained on open PC platforms.” He has referred to markets like Stem, Academy Office of Army East and the Riot Games League of Contest Platform.

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“We believe Android will succeed in the same way,”

Swann added. “The most important thing is that, the mobile operating system provides fast-based security, allowing users to choose to choose: to save files; Access to your contacts; Access your contacts; In our view, it is the way that all computers and smartphone platforms should be provided instead of any weapon application store that allows software users to get access. Goes away

There are many open queries here, mainly Google will reply. (The company was not available for comment immediately.) Furthermore, we do not know how it will eventually affect the availability in China. Swanni says Frontnight’s initial Android launch will go through the world except China, and they say that at this time epic is starting the launch of China for iOS and Android.


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