Singapore (Reuters) – Two months after the North Korea Summit meeting in Singapore, on Friday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompu returned to the city state and said that continued work on North Korea’s arms program Was contradictory. to refuse

Last week, Pompio had told Singapore about his statement in the US Senate that North Korea continued to continue fuel and reports, that North Korean, under the leadership of the Kim Jong, built new missiles. had lived.

Pompeo told reporters. The world demanded that they (North Korea) UN. Do this in the Security Council resolutions. To the extent that they behave differently, they are against) one or one of the UN Security Council resolutions and (b) we can see that we still have one to get the final results. There are ways we are watching. for the. ”

Pope thanked the ministers of the South Asian Association of Unions (ASEAN) in a meeting in Singapore for his efforts to implement sanctions on South Korea.

At least on June 12 at a historic summit with the US President Donald Trap in Singapore, who has tried to get relief from tough sanctions, it has been widely described to work towards nuclear testing. Work to do, but Piangang has not given any details about how it might be.

Pump told the Senate 25 July hearing that North Korea tried to produce fuel for nuclear bombs despite its promise.

On Monday, a senior American official told US spy artificial artifacts to discover renewal activity in the North Korean factory, which developed the country’s first international continental ballistic missile that was successful in reaching the United States.

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Washington Post reported on Monday that North Korea constructed one or two new liquid container balistic missiles in investigative facilities, referring to non-government officials familiar with intelligence reporting.

North Korean Foreign Minister Rio Yong is also in Singapore and will be participated as a weekend in the regional meeting, but the State Department did not tell whether both of them would meet.

After his talks with Rio, China’s high diplomat, State Councilor Wang Yi said he hoped that North Korea and the United States are moving forward to implement their leaders’ agreement.

Wang told reporters that “China is well believed that the agreement reached by the US and North Korean leaders is very valuable.”

“It is at the same time as expressing the care of the Korean peninsula to establish a peace mechanism. This direction is right in no doubt,” he said.

China is the most important economic and diplomatic assistant of North Korea, and the North United Nations led by the United Nations led by the United States in 1950-53 Korean war, supported the United Nations which supported South Korea.

Pumppo, who tried to negotiate with the United States of America, visited Pyongyang on July 5, which was agreed on the way of diverse dialogue. Pomp said at the time when he had progressed on major issues, just hours after his delegation for North Korea have been accused of “demanding gangster”.

The trip appreciated the Singapore summit as well as it was said that North Korea has not yet made any nuclear threat, but the questions about this are ready to give questions to Pongongang’s own weapons program. Are there

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Trump has pointed out the North Korea’s independence on nuclear and missile tests, and the agreement to return to the American residents who died in 1950-53 Korean warriors has been mentioned.

The White House said on Friday that Trum had received at least one letter and responded with a note that soon he arrived. But he said that no other meeting was planned at this time.


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