Islamabad: After making a ‘Grand Alliance’ to take Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its allies, opposition parties on Thursday set up the ‘Alliance and Fair Election Alliance’, but for its slot The candidate’s name was not found. Prime Minister, Punjab Chief Minister, Speaker and Vice Speaker of National and Punjab Assembly.

Although senior leaders of PML-Nawaz Nawaz claimed that Shahbaz Sharif chose the election of opposition parties, failed to continue the opposition of the opposition parties for several hours, Prime Minister Punjab Chief Minister along with National And PA speaker and deputy speakers.

Some opposition groups claim that the names of opposition candidates are being announced today (week) for the upcoming elections, while others say that the name ‘secret’ can be kept as long as the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Announces related slots.

Opposition to contest joint strategy in other APCs

PML-N, PML-N, Pakistan Peoples Party and Mamta Majlis Amal, Social Party Party, Pakhtunkhwa Awami Party and National Welfare Party, in the residence of speaker NA Ayaz Sadiq, who went outside the main parties, Used to attend the period.

This was the second continuous meeting of opposition leaders, which has ended without any concrete plan or ending any strategy, which has recently been held in the general election organized by the rise of public opinion in the general elections. To cope with the challenges.

Earlier on Friday, all opposition parties announced the formation of a 16-member committee for the next election of Prime Minister, Punjab Punjab and related slots. On Thursday, the panel set up the ‘Independent and Fair Election Alliance’; an integral front of anti opposition is that in general elections, to deal with the obstacles to protest against survey constraints and to key assembly slots. Joint candidate in the field for the main election.

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Reports have said that the opposition parties have agreed that their joint candidates for the chairman belong to the Muslim League and the speaker NA slot candidate, PPP and Deputy Speaker, MMA Will be. However, media claims that opposition parties have been closed in serious differences, which is likely to provide effective support against the PTI.

There is no power for Imran in Parliament

The PPP leader senior leader said that PPP wants Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to take the field as an opposition leader, while PML-N wants to bring his President Shahbaz to the field. To promote this claim, the Muslim League nominated Shahbaz Sharif of PML (N) opposition leader on Friday. “Candidates for the Punjab, Punjab and related departments slots are nothing more than a symbolic value. The real opposition in opposition forces, as a leader of the opposition of the Muslim League (N),” Nawaz Sharif made a nominate request. According to the media, PPP will be in a comfortable position for the opposition leader, Khawaja Saad Rafiq is a strong candidate for the opposition leader in PA.

In addition, it has been found that the PPP has also opposed protesters to stop the appointment of Chief Minister. “He [PP leaders] are very clear about it. He says that protesters will be held after the formation of protesters within the Parliament and Provincial Assembly and they are starting to work. The political source said that protests, like roads or protesters protest on the occasion of the NN’s house.

On Monday, a meeting of senior leaders of PPP, PPP, AP and MMA decided to form ‘Grand opposition alliance’ and to contest joint candidates for the Prime Minister and Punjab Punjab elections. The meeting was organized in the background of the MMA announcement, which was to boycott parliamentary and provincial assemblies.

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Accordingly, PPP and PPP leaders talked with MMA head Maulana Fazlur Rahman saying that opposition parties agreed to fight against parliamentary and provincial assemblies – and Fazl separated on the matter after Jamiat Islamic Stand aside, the MMA, decided that its parliamentary elections will take oath in the elections and the Parliamentary Assembly. After this, the MMA has changed its position and is set to be part of the law-enforcement houses.


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