Zimbabwe’s Emerson Manganga has made a tough victory in the first Zimbabwean election because last year, Amar Robert Mugabe was overwhelmed.

The Zimbabwe’s Election Commission announced in Harri on Thursday night, Mr Minganga won 50.8 percent of the votes, which needed to avoid a majority of 50% of voters and a majority of them.

Nelson kisses, its closest challenge took 44.3 percent.

Mr Manganga said he was “angry”, who won the victory as “new start”.

“Thank you for Zimbabwe! I want to be the elected president of the second Republic of Zimbabwe,” he said in a Twitter message.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s President and presidential candidate for the ZANU PF party, speaks during his last campaign rally at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, on July 28, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Jekesai NJIKIZANA

The victory of Mr. Mingangwa made him the second elected president of Zimbabwe and held his legitimacy on his rule, which has started with a military coup to remove Mr Magby ruler over 37 years.

But it was immediately challenged by the opposition, whose allegations of fraud were allegedly renewed after election violence.

The opposition MPC spokesperson Morgan Kamchari denounced the results, saying that the “fake” number was counted.

The police were removed from this stage on the announcement of the official results in Harry, “its results are counterfeit”.

The city center was silent one day when six people were killed when the soldiers opened fire on protest rallies against protesters.

Soldiers and police cleared the city center, gave pedestrians and merchants the opportunity to leave, because the Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) accused that the ruling ZAN-PF has stolen the elections.

MDC leader Nelson Chimisa told reporters “they are trying to do a long time.

“It’s a lie, it’s frustrated, is trying to spoil the result, and we will not allow it.”

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The government has accused MCC that it has implemented the end of security as a result of the end of Buddhism.

Soldiers laid a guard on ZANU-PF headquarters on Thursday, while the armored officer carriers, water cannon trucks and herds of police riots took place outside the MDC headquarters.

The aim of the vote was to change the page for years of brutal cruelty under immigration.

He June 35 has set up 75-year-old President Amsonson Manganga, the former Zionist UNF affiliate, against Junior’s 35-year-old Cheema.

The government warned that more protests would not be tolerated, Manganggao also said on Twitter that he wanted independent investigators to kill, and he was trying to resolve “peacefully”.

But Cheema crushed the pressure on which the number of voters forced to change the tanks and guns, and emphasized the possibility of the coalition government.

He told reporters that “No unity is the government, the government of the people selected by the people.”

In the official results of parliamentary elections on Monday, the ZANU-PF won successfully – suggesting that Manginggao will keep the president.

When the MGB was forced to resign, the army promised them a free and fair vote after the power of them.

A reliable and peaceful vote was aimed at eliminating the international criticism of Zimbabwe and attracted foreign investments.


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