Nanjing (China): PV Bhanu performed second round in a finest tournament final as he completely downplay Carolina Maran in the World Championships World Championship, resulting in the problems of Indians. Were.

Olympic silver medal after the loss of the Olympic Championship Martin 19-21 10-21 settled for another white metal in the exhibition. Interestingly, Marine defeated Sunni in the Rio Olympics final in 2016.

Sindh had to face his peak, which said “It is very harmful. I still paid the final. It’s very sad and I have to come back and come back in a tight and forthcoming tournament. Ready for it. ” The last loss of this season

“Sometimes it’s not your day, the top and bottom will always be there and you’ll always have to be strong.

“It’s a bit sorry for a while because I set a great match but a good match and I am happy. I won by finishing the finals and lost and lost some of the life and took it to me.” have to go.”

Since 2016, it is the eighth loss of Sindh in the main final, including the defeat of Rio Olmax, Hong Kong Open (2017, 2018), Super Serial Final (2017), India Open (2018) and Thailand Open (2018).

Sindh, 23, who lost the epic finals of Japan’s Novzi Okokara last year in Glasgow, did not answer Marian’s knee speed in the last 45 minutes of the match.

The second silver meant that only one single Indian in Sindh, in which four World Championship podiums are over. He won two bronze medals in Guangzhou 2013 and Copenhagen Hong Kong edition.

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Marine became the first female shuttle that won the World Championship. He won the title in the 2014 and 2015 Jakarta Edition.

Maren said, “I can not express my feelings. There are many emotions inside me. I am waiting for that moment. I am happy that I can believe myself this week.”

Sindh had entered the headquarter with the head head winning the 5-6 necklace against Marine but Indian Ak won the last meeting in Malaysia’s Open in June.

“Carolina has speeded it up and he is very aggressive. He played fast and fast during the tournament. I’ll play his pace.” Sindh said.

The Fifty-Martin tried to pressure Sindh, whereas the court celebrated every occasion with the scream of its trademark.

Sindh made more than 1-3 runs but India gradually made a path to capture 4-3 lead after producing a wonderful drop. He extended it up to 6-4.

With full flow of Sindh, left hand speenard tried to put a shot near the line, but ended many unexpected errors because Sindh sent out outside the shuttle at the 11-8 lead break.

Sindh increased 15-11 after Sri Lanka but twice found the net and returned margin 15-15. Spencer then got closer to the changing network of tables.

A lucky network and then Marine expanded, Sindh supported 18-17, but weakened India and it was re-equal.

Maren and Sindh hit the massively two game points to Spencard and he changed the second opportunity.

The Marine started another game with its modest aggression, because Sindh felt very hot to handle its speed. Spencer soon competed in the 5-0 League.

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The 25-year-old Marine used her body boats and sharp angle strokes to set points. Sindh did not compete with Spaniard’s aggression and this game could not be slowed because Marin points continued to collect points.

He moved with a large number of 11-2 lead brakes.

After breathing, Marine continued to dominate the process, to seduce her opponent, Sodho hit massively and found the net.

Two physical returns in Sindh have given two points but the Indian court continued the struggle to keep the shuttle inside the court and emphasized the points. Finally, Martin gave his third title to two unstable mistakes.

“I think overall, he played a very good role. If I could win the first game, it could have been different. In the second game, I have made a lot of mistakes, my troubles will come out. It can say that it was not my day “Sindh said.

“I was leading 14-9 in the first game, I’ve made easy points. I tried to get back in the speed when I made a mistake. I could have been more patient in 19-19. Was attacking Read More…


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