Considering Tester’s owner Ellen Mick Electric Car firm private, her claim was “the best way ahead” for the company.

The D listing from the Stock Exchange means that continuity will not be able to make short-term decisions to implement investors.

In an extraordinary move, Mr Mosk announced on Twitter instead of the first stock exchange announcement.

Mr Mukk said investors supported the project that needed a shareholder vote.

Shares will be offered $ 420 per share – five percent more than the current price, he said.

However, he also warned that “a final decision has not been made” about a formal offer for shares.

Tesla shares ended almost 10% days, initially suspended after Mr. Mickey’s tweets

Musk Tesla ‘announces a real car company’
Tesla for cutting more than thousands of jobs
Later the firm shared a message to employees from Mr. Mochk who explained his thinking.

Musk Musk, who owns about 20% of the company, said he hoped that this would save the pressure on the company’s prices, to counter the conflict and to meet quarterly financial goals.

He also said that they want to eliminate “negative propaganda” from the condition of small sellers, investors, who bet on a company firm.

He wrote that “Basically, I’m trying to meet the result where the test can work potentially.

If Tasla is privately taken $ 420 per share, it will be one of the biggest such cases in history – $ 80 billion a contract with a firm loan.

Their plan will make investors choose to maintain their holdings. He further added that he planned to capture his shares and hoped that he would continue as Chief Executive.

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Mr Mosk has already discussed the lack of a public company.

But it was unusual to make such an announcement on twitter, which was given to government rules and market history of masculine markets by giving strict rules to making comments on social media on social media.

For example, on the April Fool Day, he joked about twitter about Twitter on Twitter.

Calendar by Kim Gatesley in New York
Alon Musk has had a difficult connection with the investors of stock market and has been angered by nominated short-seller, who has made a record bet on the final end of Tester.

On Tuesday, his small seller threatened with huge losses when he tweeted that he was considering returning out of market and electricity.

Messages before sending a sharing price before trading. But it seems that Mr. Musk is also known for his incredible smoke and his close sense of resistance.

Both are often shown on the display because the establishment has struggled to target production targets. Something briefly thinks that this is just another way if the fact is that if you have not changed the profit.

Mrs. Mosk’s illustration further explained about the future of continuity.

The firm is spending a lot because its latest car gives a ramp to model 3 production.

He damaged the record in his recent recent quarter, and some analysts say that he has to raise money to avoid it.

However, Mr Mosk has said that he has no intention of doing so and promised that in the second half of the year will be profitable, to prevent any unnecessary events.

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The Tweets came after the separate report in the Final Times that the Saudi Autonomous Support Fund of Saudi Arabia took part of 3% -5% in Tulla, which was at least $ 1.9 billion.

The article said that the State Fund, which is overseen by powerful Taj Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, is interested in buying nine issued shares.


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