HATAT: The West’s migrant workers squeezed in the spread of taxes in the Freedom Hotel of the four seasons in western Afghanistan, the share of the Afghan wave was forced to leave Iran after the reduction in their revenue prices.

A record 442,344 Afghan residents have voluntarily repatriated or deleted Iranian sanctions such as US sanctions that started resuming this week – it runs on the rail and inflation Enhanced

US President Donald Trop May may be a historic 2015 nuclear deal in May, because Iran’s currency on the Islamic Republic has lost almost half of its value.

It is not only the savings of Iranian families but also delivery of non-stable Afghans.

Angry and unemployed Afghans cross the border with the search for many years to help their struggling homes return home.

Now many of them now remember the worst dry drought patient in Afghanistan, due to the 17-year conflict and dependence on disputes, there is a problem of trouble.

Abdul Salaam, who had gone to Iran three years ago, his central center was equivalent to 18,000 Afs per month (approximately $ 260) in an Austin Auto factory.

22 years of mentor sent money to parents and nine young brothers in Parwan province, fulfilling their taxi’s father’s income.

But when rally racing, its monthly income was 6000 Afs.

The artist said, “I was sending almost all the money for my money … (but) it was not enough,” he said, “keep on the chrome + carriers” with short embarrassment.

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Mumbai has hoped that in a taxi in Hyderabad, find a better country around a distance of approximately 140 kilometers (90 miles) of Haiti’s four-season free hotel.

He said, “It does not make sense to come here but I will have to do it.”

No work, no future

According to the International Organization for International Organization (IOM), 442,344 Afghanis had returned from Iran in the first seven months of 2018 for the same colleagues of 2017.

“The number of Afghan refugees in Iran has become unmatched in 2018,” the IMO spokesman Eva Shivier told AFP in Herat.

This figure included 191,056 “extraordinary”, or volunteer, returns. Iran’s border control has strictly remaining 251,288 homeless.

Three people working on tomato farm near Iran near the nearby city of Shiraz, arrested 17-year-old Ammard Mohmani.

When he sat with other nurses at the IMO’s Transit Center for returns to Herat, Mohani ignored his future in a country where unemployment is very high.

“I do not know what I do. There is nothing to make money in my family”, Mohan Mani, who was a breadwider for his home in northern Bangladesh.

The arrival of IMOs is expected to be expected, because they target Iran-sanctioned access to US banknotes, key industries and the country’s economic troubles’ oil.

IMO in its latest report said that the inflation is “direct and immediate impact” on the Afghan economy.

It is pushing laborers for comfortable workers and cities of poorly affected Afghan farmers, most of which live on their income from working in Iran.

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According to the UN, 70,000 people have been forced to move cities due to lack of water and food, many of them live in tents and compete with limited jobs.

Iranian currency deficit is also affecting Afghanistan’s business that elephant has returned rapidly in the sale of mobile phones, backpacks and shoes.

Business was very good in the past … (people) are rich, they can buy everything. “Zia Fahmai said that its sale has 80 percent in recent months.

According to Fahim, he was forced to join the immigrant to close the shop and find work in “other countries”.

Asaph in Abdul Warsi poisoners, who used to work on a cucumber form, told AFP that he plans to go to “another country” – often Turkey and then Germany – if he can not work in Afghanistan.

22, Zehren decided to return home after 60 percent of his arrival due to the train.

“If there is no job in Afghanistan, there is no future in the future,” he told AFP.


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