Ryanair Pilots are struggling in five European countries, forced sixth of the flight flights during the peak of the holiday season.

The 24-hour tour includes staff in Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. About 400 flights are considered to be about 50,000 passengers.

The biggest is a series of attacks on action salary and conditions.

Ryanair says it has made every effort to resolve conflicts.

The company says 85% of its planes will normally work on weekends, and the most frequent customers are placed on the rear flights.

Europe’s largest low-cost carrier, Irish Airline, agreed to recognize the union for the first time in the 30-year history, and widespread widespread attacks before Christmas.

But overall collective labor agreements are protesting during negotiations.

About 300 Rangers flight was canceled in July when the Cabin staff in Belgium, Portugal and Spain strike for 48 hours.

‘I am going to remember my best friend’s wedding’
Her boyfriend Emmy Detailed was with Craig due to flying to Gothenburgh in Sweden for a wedding.

But “It is impossible for a lifetime to marry her best friend Justin Bieber’s marriage, with a two-day notice after the rearing, her flight has been canceled.

The 27-year-old project manager from Lincoln was due to fly from Stanford Airport, and it was said that there were no replacement alternatives for the rest of the day.

It’s just one reason to check in to send my email accounts in which this reminder was by email.

“If I did not check, then I would come to the airport to cancel my flight.

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“I spent four hours [total] calling them and how to get it in Sweden to try to find my travel options.

They could not find any alternative flight till Sunday. This is a very good news, the wedding is on Saturday so there was no use at all. ”

He tried to find any other flights from other United Kingdom’s other airports, and even if he could fly to Copenhagen in Denmark, instead of get a train to Gothenburg.

“My only way was to get the return or go on the way – which I have done – to claim compensation.”

In recent days, the Airlines line has canceled 250 flights from Belgium to 104 and over 42 flights on Sweden and Ireland.

A Dutch court on Friday tried to stop pilots in Holland by joining a case from the Rain Air to which 22 flights were affected. But at the same time Ryanair has issued a statement that there will be no canceled.

The Union wants Ryanan employees to be governed by the laws of the country where they are on the basis, not by Irish legislation.

Renner described the strike as “unfortunate and unjust”, claiming that his pilots are paying more than other budget airlines.

He said that he has taken every step to minimize the barriers, and added: “The majority of affected customers have been re-adjusted to the rear flight before the victims.”


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