Lisa Via is a former classroom teacher and coach coach who now works in better directions, leadership and co-operation with schools, districts and non-profit organizations. She is a blog and coach in Cleveland’s coach forum.
In our schools, new teachers are very important to maintain our great schools in order to promote future generations of our teachers and to improve our struggle schools.

But we are professionally important to help them enter. As my former boss, the new founder and founder of CEO Elien Moore says, all the teachers are involved in this; it is partially partially part of a part, while other teacher’s keys, a class list, and Are part of the paper.

Avoid this type of treatment and hands. What does new teachers leave in the car by November 9?

The center of my covenant
My initial education experience was very different. When I first started studying in Cambridge, I was very lucky to get an advisor, a Massachusetts (a district who thinks deeply about professional education). I was a long-term alternative in the district, working with small children of small children, and described their way to participate in the consultation program.

My school set me a classroom teacher who was early childhood professional, and, as well, we admitted how strong a balanced software looks. He invited me to observe it, brought me a chocolate (up and over), and let me first professional text, a book in which I change. This guide helped me navigate some complex school politics.

In the second year of my learning, I was part of a group of teachers who was working by John Seferf’s specialist teacher. After that we were the parties of the schools where we had eaten, share our challenges, laugh and recognize me, sometimes weeping. In the 1990s, their support was freely free. They also included phone calls, holand and reminder notes in their mailboxes.


When I was in my head for just two days in those days, I felt in my head these days, I never felt alone, and because of my strong start I had a large and coaching teacher. Reading

How strong is
Recently, I was pleased to see the study of strong lifting of a new teacher as one of his principles. To make sure all the teachers get strong help while entering the teacher, I offer a few tips:

Add successful career career teachers to help your new teacher colleagues.
After being a new teacher in Cambridge, I went to Chicago with my family and joined a school, which was part of the network that focuses on improving the Society’s guidance at Chicago University. There, we started a new group’s new teacher network. Our model is based on the third, fourth and fifth year teachers (like me!) To bring a new teacher.
We arranged dynamic meetings, hosted new teachers in our classrooms and shared resources, lesson planning and advice in our online community. As a facility, we were given an initial opportunity for teacher leaders. We have opened our teaching chops by opening our classroom and talking about our education.

Ask a new teacher who works for them.
He told the new teacher that the school leaders should ask: “What is the matter? What is not there to help you?” It’s not enough to do this, once it’s done in the parking lot. It’s not enough to tell the new teacher “the door is open”. School leaders must ask questions to quit questions and questions in the classroom, with office, relationship, trust and new teachers.
Recognize that we all need to talk more about how we are about informal feedback and formal evaluation.
The fact is that when you are new, you make mistakes, you need a job help. They currently need direct respondents for teaching, ideas of ideas, curriculum and practice. If its support comes with many decisions, including high quality standard testing pressure, we emphasize stress for new teachers.
Teachers need help
Like others, I have jumped into learning about the attainment of the classroom, and I’m compelled to meet my coaching community if we work with the youth. Promoting strong skills, without our immediate need, our students lost.

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State and federal policy making, education-based institutions and non-profit organizations, and teachers and leaders need to work on self-confidence and strong communication so we can travel for ourselves to travel and to look for better. Is the last teacher Encourage our novels to communicate and strengthen the contacts between support and evaluation.

TeachStrong’s journey means we also provide tools to strengthen new teachers.


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