The British counter-terrorism police carry out three searches in central England as part of an investigation after a car was hit by the barriers outside the House of Parliament in London.

Police say the driver, a 29-year-old UK UK, was arrested for allegedly a terrorist act. He is currently being questioned at a south London police station.

Police say the silver Fiesta, which was privately owned, traversed from Birmingham to London on Monday night. It was then driven around the Westminster and Whitehall area from around 6 a.m. until the crash at 7:37 a.m. Tuesday.

Police say there are no other arrests in connection with this investigation.

Anti-terrorism police in Britain has taken three searches in central England as part of an investigation after a car due to barriers of parliamentarians in London.

The police says, a 29-year-old British driver, driver was arrested for allegedly preparing a terrorist action. At that time, he is questioning at the southern London police station.

Police say silver prices, which were private property, had traveled from Birmingham to London on Monday night. After that 6:30 pm, around 6:00 am, the West East and the White Hall area were thrown to an accident around 7:37.

Police say no other arrest has been taken against this investigation.


4:40 PM

After a car in a barrier outside Parliament’s house, the UK government has put its threat to terrorism.

The decision to raise the level of threat after the government’s emergency committee meeting on Tuesday. The Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Nail Bose said that no suspects have been identified and the police believe that Londoners are not in danger.

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Prime Minister Thaisa May urged the country to come together and work normally to “be careful” to the public.

British authorities say they have destroyed 13 Islamic extremism plots and four far-right capital cities since 2017, and at present 676 live counter-terrorism investigations.


2:15 PM

The police says they are raising conservatives, who have stopped many of London’s Westminster’s district’s district after a crash in parliament, three people have been injured.

The Metropolitan Police Force says the hardware is being separated from a part of the road around the Tuesday morning’s scene.

A person has been arrested in the past 20 years. Police say they are investigating the incident as terrorists but did not determine the driver’s goals.

In Corolles, the Forensic Officers can be seen to collect proof from a silver car, which has been thrown into a pedestrian and a bicycle ride before the parliament has stopped the barrier.


1:10 PM

US President Donald Tomep has declared an accident outside the UK Parliament “terrorist attack in London”.

Trump tweeted: “These animals are crazy and it’s necessary to bend and cope with power!”

Before falling into a barrier in Parliament morning on Tuesday, high speeders attacked pedestrians and bicycle bicycles when three people were injured.

The British police says the accident appears to be intentionally. They are treating as a work of terrorism, but they still do not have to determine the purpose of the driver.

The Trump has a history of tweeting about violence in London, or alleged violence. He angered many people when he said that the knife was like London Hospital Warrior Zone due to violence.

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Around 12 o’clock

The London Police says an incident in which a car was run in a barrier near the Parliament’s house shows a neutral process.

The London Assistant Police Commissioner Nail Basu says that the pedestrians and cyclists who were killed in the motorcycles of motorcycles were arrested in connection with the defeat of terrorism. The suspect is not cooperating with the police.

Basu says no suspects are identified and there is no more “intelligence” in London.


11:45 am

The UK government has been described after a suspected terrorist incident near the houses of the Parliament, and then its emergency committee will be held later.

The CBA Committee meeting was told that a motorbike thrown into pedestrians and bicycle riders before killing the barrier near the House of Laws on Tuesday. Two people were injured, but the authorities said no one was threatening life.

After this incident Prime Minister Thesa has offered his appreciation for his “quick and courageous answer” of emergency services.


10:30 pm

London’s Metropolitan Police says they are treating the outside of Parliament as terrorist incidents.

Authorities in a statement told Tuesday that silver Ford Fitta has beaten many cyclists and traffic accidents before pedestrians during the rush time.

She’s in custody. There was no one else in the car, which is being searched in the scene of accident.

Two people hurt, but the authorities said no one was threatening life.


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