(CNN) authorities have killed at least 324 people in Kerala in the state of Kerala since the beginning of the financial season on Thursday.

Authorities said Thursday, in the past 10 days, the flood and ground storm stormed 164 people in the southern state, because the rain caused Kerala to storm. State Relief Commissioner Ph.D. It’s half in the last three days. Krory told CNN.

The flood is that the worst Kerala has tested in almost a century.

The number of deaths in the past week has increased rapidly because the number of rescue workers has increased to reach thousands of people who fall in flood water. Army, Navy and Coast Guard have been sent to help, and fishermen have been asked to help rescue efforts.
According to the country’s National Disaster Refrigeration Force Force (NDRDF), out of which 53 teams have been deployed, one of the 14 districts of Kerala lives under 13 red alert.

According to Indian Navy spokesperson DK Sharma, a very pregnant woman was rescued by a helicopter from her flood house in Ava on Friday.
Sharma told the CNN, 25 year old Sajith jail, when she had already broken the water, she was ready to protect.
Corinthians hope that the weather will be better sooner. Thursday said the rain will last tomorrow. “Areas will still be settled but we will get some help.”
More than a thousand people belonging to militants and soldiers are now involved in the rescue mission. In addition, India’s National Disaster Refrigerator Force Force Senior Commandant, Rahat Mumbai, has forced more than 100,000 people to find a shelter in relief camps.

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Kerala’s Chief Minister Panerai Vajan (left) visits a relief camp in Indian state of Kerala on August 11.
Search and rescue efforts are more complicated by limited transportation. Floods have also been flooded in the use of railway tracks and roads, and Kochi’s international airport has been suspended till Saturday.
Rescue teams have taken the air instead. Kerala’s Chief Minister, Renewal Vijay, tweeted Tweet on Twitter that residents will have to “stand up on buildings and homes standing in open areas”, and said that life and life jackets will be flown.

Indian Defense Minister has posted 158 boats and 23 helicopters from August 9.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has said to the Ministry of Defense, will announce Friday to speed up the rescue and rescue operation that he will visit Kerala in Syria. “Store the unfortunate situation.” This monsoon is expected in India. Year. Today, official officials said that after extraordinary years, more than 34 dams in the state’s 40 dams reached full potential and were opened to open the water to prevent possibly destructive violations.


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