Black African Kufi Anan has died only to become the United Nations Secretary General.

After that, the name of “80 years old” has passed peace after lightweight. “

His home country, Ghana has announced a national mourning of a week. Aanan presented two terms as the UN head from 1997 to 2006, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his human work.

He later served as a UN special envoy for Syria, in which he tried to find a solution to the dispute.

Kofi Anan Foundation announced his death, describing him as “global politician and charming international organization” who fought for a fair and more peaceful world throughout his life. ”

“Wherever there was trouble or need, he reached many people with his deep and sympathy and started touching.”

Remember the world’s top diplomat
Residential: Kofi Anan
Aanan speaks to the BBC on the 80th anniversary (only the UK)
The Swiss Embassy in Swiss City died in the Swiss Embassy. He was living near Geneva for many years.

During a period of time, they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 to help restore the international organization during the Iraq War and HIV / AIDS Pandadium.

Kofi Ananman has mentioned his great success, which has millions of development goals – the first time – global goals are set up on issues such as poverty and childbirth.

However, they were not criticized by criticism. His observers were head of the United Nations peace process in 1990 to stop racism in Rwanda when he tried their fate.

Later, after the US led invasion of Iraq, he and his son were accused of involvement in “oil for nutrition scandal”, who demanded some resignation, but later he terminated Had happened

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Advertise the UN’s satisfaction in targeting an 80th anniversary in April with BBC Hard Talk, “It can be improved, it is not perfect, but if it does not exist” You have to make it “.

He said, “I’m hoping to be an antagonist, I’m born a happy and hopeful.”

Remember Kufi Anan
United Nations reporter in Geneva by Emogan Flak

Kofi Anan should remember that he repeatedly concentrated in the condition of those people for war, environmental trouble, or poverty grinding.

Despite being quiet, but strongly reminded the leaders of the world, powerful, however, they need to put their responsibilities to their citizens over their political workers.

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The current UN head Antonio Gutter has tributed his predecessor, who says that Anan has been called “a guide to good”.

“In many ways, Kofi was the United Nations. They rose through ranks to lead the organization in the new autumn with the dedication and determination of the ranks,” he said in a statement.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zaid Rod al-Hussein said in a tweet that he was sad during the death of Achan.

UN Prime Minister Thomas May and tribute to the world leaders and ambassadors, including the NATO chief, Jeans Stewartberg, are heading to the world.

First American President Barack Obama, first African American to win the White House, said, “Unless he has stopped the world better than Kufi after breaking the barriers.”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that the memories of Aranan will always be “in the hearts of the Russians”.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “The world has lost only the African embassy and human rights, but also lost the conscience of international peace and security.”

Announcing the National Mourning Week, Ghanaian President Nana Akfo-Aodo nominated Anan “one of our biggest homeland”.

Embassy’s career continued after the retirement from the United Nations, and in 2007 she established a global organization, aimed at promoting global sustainable development, security and peace.

One year later, after promoting his position, he successfully succeeded after discussing a strong partnership agreement to eliminate the violence in Kenya after the election.

In a Facebook tribute, opposition leader Rail Oding, who signed the agreement, said “man who stepped up and saved the country.”

In 2012, he was chaired by a member of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, a group of advocate peace and human rights advocacy.

That year, he left his position as the UN ambassador to Syria in just six months, indicating the failure of world powers to fulfill his promises. Later he said: “I lost my soldiers on the way of Damascus.”

His recent role was to face the Myanmar Rohingya crisis in connection with the independent commission’s investigation.

Kofi Anan Foundation said that Aranan’s wife, Nain and three children were in their last days.


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