Yangon (Reuters) – On the charges of alleged secret documents in the case of allegedly jailing two writers in Myanmar, Judge on Monday said he will present his case as a press release exam on August 27 in a case. . Democracy.

The judge set the date after the closing posts of both sides, during which two lawyers of the lawyer said that he was “trapped” by police in trying to intervene in his reporting of the massacre of Rohingya Muslims.

“Reporter’s duty has proved true,” said Leader Defense lawyer Khang Maong Z. “Some people may not be well with that fact.”

Khin Maong Z said that the prosecution had failed to establish that documents were sought by journalists in the heart of the case or that they threatened national security, the main ingredients of the case.

The court in Yangon has seriously held January to decide if Vibeon, 32, and Kyao, 28, are guilty of violating the Official Secrets of the Neo-colonial era, in which 14 years of imprisonment The maximum punishment is.

Last year, during the arrest of two journalists, two journalists were working on a ritual investigation in a village in Rakhin state of western Myanmar, in connection with the murder of Rohingya Muslim men and boys, resulting in the army during the hardship of the army. United Nations has sent 700,000. Rohingya ran for Bangladesh.

Lead prosecutor Ky Mine Aur mentioned the state case against von Lone and Kyao, whose actions, he said, he intends to harm the country. He said that achieving the documents could lead to the threat of state terrorism if their content can be obtained by extremist groups, the pair was working for national interests rather than the benefit of the Reuters.

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“Reuters is a foreign news agency that plays its journalists in dollars,” he said. “It was found by the journalists that they sent their news to Reuters and their own evidence that Reuters has sold news for money.”

Defense lawyer Khin Maong Z said that it was clear and credible and journalist and the court has not made any evidence that he is a spy.

He added that the government has not named Reuters the enemy of the nation.

The government spokeswoman Zawahai could not reach the comment on Monday. He has refused to comment in most of the proceedings, which says Myanmar’s courts are free.

Reuters said in a statement that there was no basis for a punishment and it appeared to be in front of journalists, who said that a key step towards the rule of law, the freedom of press, and the protest of the Republic of Myanmar Will be.

In the statement, the new agency said “evidence before the court is evidence: Wow Lone and Qiao, we are two honest journalists who have not committed a crime.” “They will also be punished for their truth and important journal for another day.”

“Little girl”
Weighing and writing the court has passed the police officers who have documented their arrest for a while on December 12. Police officer Lincoln, police officer, said another officer has given them documents in the published newspaper. Yangon Restaurant.

A police officer, Motan Yan Ning, witnessed that a senior officer directed Deputy Deputy Officers, including Deputy Lincoln, to “journalists” journalists. Ning Lin told the court that he met reporters, but refused to refuse anything.

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Journalists have said they lose sleep, surrender during the days of investigation.

The case has captured global attention and is being seen as a press release and reform examination in Myanmar, where the army has still affected enough. Senior U.N officials, lawyers of Western countries and press freedom have asked two journalists to release. On Monday, the court room was full of foreign diplomats and observers.

Wallone’s wife, Pini Moon, who was the first couple of months of this month, gave birth to the first child, was not present. After hearing, 100 hundred oh wife Chhattisgarh took her three-year-old daughter out of court and said she became “Papa”.

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Talking to reporters, Waughon said he hoped that the court would rule over them.

“We firmly believe that the court will make a fair decision and we will freeze,” he said. “I believe that, for a long time, I am able to return my girl to the girl.”


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