Authorities say that the number of Venezuela entering Brazil is increasing, despite the Saturday’s attacks, accelerating immigrant border camps.

According to a Brazilian spokesman, about 900 people are expected to be Venezuela on Monday in the Rorimima state, with an average increase in daily average.

The number of people trying to avoid Venezuela’s economic elimination has failed to stop regional stress.

There is a fresh uncertainty after releasing new banknotes.

After the public holidays on Monday, banks and shops are due to reopen, when the left government closed five zones from Bolivore and collected it on a new virtual currency called petrol.

The government says steps are needed to deal with hunger inflation, but criticism says it can cause more chaos.

Opposition groups have asked Tuesday to strike and protest.

What is going on in Brazil
Additional security forces have been shifted to the border after Venezuela’s border crossing near Pekracima on border border.

The Raurima state government has requested the Supreme Court to temporarily stop Venezuela’s entry into Venezuela, that social services are being eradicated so far.

However, Brazilian security minister Sergio Etchegoyen said “unstable, because it is illegal to close the border.”

The presence of military police on the border has improved in the situation, he said.

He added that “there is stress, but there is no conflict.”

Many of them in Brazil are crossing out that they are hungry and do not have access to medical services in Venezuela.

The army said on Sunday about 800 varnishes reached Rorum, exceeding more than 300 more than the average number of days for almost a year.

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According to reports that many people were displaced by angry residents in Pacaraima on Saturday, local restaurant owner was hit badly by Venezuela.

Millions of immigrants fled across the border and men’s groups burnt their camps and their goods. Monday’s reports have said many of them have gone to Brazil.

In recent months, the number of Venezuela entering Rimaima has increased.

More than basic stress

There is no clear sign of weekly violence in Pacaraima. The city is silent, the roads are clean. Firefighters have beenhed atomic vanzal, where inhabitants of Venezuela live, their tents and equipment burnt by protesters.

Many Venezuela has left – but are coming further.

On Monday, residents organized a “peace motorcycle” so that the idea of ​​non-violence could end. People of Venezuela are welcome, but they were not violent.

But as soon as I started talking about what Venezuela was, the Brazilian started jumping and saying that he was lying. This row faces basic stress, which is built in Pacaraima.

Where else are the Venezuelan leaders leading?
Other countries in the region including Colombia, Ecuadorian and Peru say they are struggling to cope with Venezuela’s immigrants.

Hundreds of thousands have traveled in Colombia and Ecuador, and are more south-east for many followers or Chileans.

On Saturday, Ecuador introduced new internal restrictions that led to hundreds of millions of immigrants crossing to Colombia.

Between confusion, some angry Venezuela defended the new rules and entered through the poor cross, but the journalists say they now face a crime to illegally access the country.

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Over 3,000 Venezuelan has entered Colombia in the last three years and the country has temporary housing for over 800,000 people.

Peru says only 20,000 Venezuela has decided to enter the country last week.

What’s going on with the currency?
The International Financial Fund predicted that inflation in Venezuela could reach one million percent this year. According to a recent study of the National Assembly controlled by the opposition, prices are doubling every 26 days average.

From Monday, new banknotes attributed to “international bidders” are legal legal. But as this public holiday has been announced, it is now focused on how large measures will take place on Tuesday, how does shops and banks react?

This move is effective. President Nicoleas Maduro cut the “cutting bolivore” from the five-year old currency and gave it a new name.

Eight new bank notes and two new coins are being circulated. New notes will cost 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 autonomous bids.

Venezuela Central Bank President Calcutta Otaga announced that most old Bolivar notes will continue to “rotate for a time”. At least only the current current notices of over 1,000 strong boulders will go straight to the stage.

Will new currency prevention inflation?The government expresses its hope that its new economic plan will not only eliminate the country’s hydropower, but “economic warfare” will also be terminated, which says it was fought by “imperial forces”. Is.

It says that the introduction of a new currency is with major measures, which will help Venezuela’s breaks to restore the economy. Among them are:

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The minimum wage rate for 34 times is rising at its last level since September 1
Autonomous Bolivar extends to Peru, a virtual currency government says Venezuela’s oil reserves
Venezuela’s deprived sub-subsidies are not for those who have “Fieldland ID”
VAT rate 4% to 16%
President Morroora [in Spanish] tweeted that his government “will eliminate the destructive war to establish a good, balanced, sustainable, healthy and productive economic system near the New Yorkshire capitalists”.

But economists have warned that new measures do not solve basic infrastructure reasons in Venezuela and they can maximize inflation rather than prevent printing of new notes.

They say that the increase in the minimum wage will only increase inflation only. Some analysts estimate that the advantages of the new currency can be terminated by “hyperphalysis” within “months.”


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