Fanaa and her husband are not religious. They do not go to Mas, hungry or read a holy rotary.

But twice in recent years, the couple have run on their way to baptizing their children in community parishes of their families in Ireland.
Reason? Education of their children.
The certificate that comes with the holy and comes with – is expected to preserve a place for parents for the first day of school in Ireland, where approximately 90% of primary schools are Catholic ethics.
Although those schools are officially funded, their Catholic Church guardians have set instructions for entry, which prefer Catholic children to register non-Catholic in a crowd’s system.

The year of this school, it’s everything to change.

In July, the Irish Parliament eliminated an “Bulgarian barrier” which prohibited children baptizing in Catholic schools in the process of admission. Another discounts the minority schools of faith, which is about 5% of all primary schools.

The first visit to the first Pope in almost four decades almost a month before Ireland’s fixed visit to Pope Francis.
It is the latest in a series of policy changes that reflect slowly stress of the relationship between the church and the state – like people like the fiction say the modern, secular society reflects the church’s holding with public institutions happens.
“We need to withdraw our future and future of our children and our bodies from the hands of religion,” says Fiona.

As Bill was discussing in May, Education Minister Richard Barton said it was “fair” that there is no child in favor of a religious child, he lives somewhere, to access his local school. ” “Parents should not feel pressure to baptize their child.”
Efforts were not answered for Catholic school representatives and advocacy to comment on this report.
But a school official gave an interview to Public Broadcasting RTE in May.
General Secretary of the Catholic Primary Schools Management Association, Samamas Mololary said that “unmatched” was emphasized to prevent baptism prevention that it was emphasized that the entry issue was not about religious discrimination but There were not enough schools in this few major development areas.
Molulkar told RTE that “problem is lack of school places, not religion.” He emphasized that Catholic schools would welcome a student who wanted to join, as long as he had no place for them.

“Catholic schools want to accept everyone who he accepts,” he added, that only one number of people was impressed by the prevention of baptism and he never has ever been Was found to be baptized for school purposes.
But Fiona – his name has turned out of fear, his children can face “re-reading” in school – he is one of them.

‘You can not handle your child’

In 2012, Finna was known for the maximum number of schools in central Dublin’s area living with her younger family. The horrible thing is that his children could be kept in the waiting list or face a long time, he decided to baptize them.
On the pre-baptism advice of his elder daughter, the priest asked him because he decided to do so, saying that he and his husband were not regular churches.
Fiona remembers that “He said that if we are doing the reasons for this school.” “I lied to my teeth too much.”
Their 40-year-old stranger Friendship mother says she was quietly gone through the service speed. The couple told each other, “We have to do it if we want kids to be the best.”
Since the family of Fanaah, a passenger city moved to Leixlip in DW’s west, where the maximum problem is a problem, but secular school is to be searched.

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Her 6-year-old daughter is in her Catholic running school in her first year, where she takes part in daily religious studies.
Average, Irish school spend time for 10% of the necessary instruction on “Religion, Ethics and Ethical Education” – according to the statistics of the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization data, the second largest among the developing countries.
Although children have to go out for a legally 30 minutes daily, many parents told the CNN that they could isolate and isolate their colleagues.
Many schools do not have the appropriate resources to see children who are not in religious instruction, often leaving class to classical works, fill books in color.
Fiona explained that “there are people in its class who do not participate in religion but they are sitting in the corner only in the room.” “It is like this, ‘Look at the people in the corner.’ ‘
Another parent related to fame concerns is PWD Mubarak, who is a lawyer who is a campaign prepared to prevent the prevention of baptism in 2015 and now the system is able to change the campaign with educational equality. Running

Another parent related to fame concerns is PWD Mubarak, which was launched in 2015 to eliminate the prevention of baptism and a lawyer of WW, which now equals education equality to change the whole system. Campaigning with
Catholic schools often “sat down separately to go back to class, absorbed every point of their religious curriculum, and feeling differently on their lives every day”, Munneh told CNN.
For parents who have baptized their children, whether religious reasons or “facilities” are defined, they want to get their children out of religious instruction, maybe as well, and many of them You can go along, and choose to focus on the positive. .
As a result of the progress in International Reading Society Studies (Plus), Globalization is one of the best in Europe and around the world, with the average rate of 2016 among the 10 year old age in the Irish education system.

Nevertheless, the Foundation wants to eliminate the end of baptism.
“You can not dislike your child,” he said.
Still, he welcomes the move as a development, which reflects the changing social ideology of Ireland.
While Roman Catholicism in Ireland remains the dominant religion, the number of people who identified this fall in a five-year period, which was 78.3 percent in 84.2 percent in 2011.
Some 470,000 people – about 10 percent of the country’s population – is no longer the same religion, a 74% increase in the same period.
In 2017, all Catholic Church consisted of more than half of the married half (50.9%), less than 10% reduction of 10 years. Church attendance has fallen in many years, so systematic is a series of scandals including child abuse.
Meeting with Ireland at the first ‘Pope Francis’ this weekend, Pauf released an unusual letter in recognition of the church’s failure against religious children in many decades.
While the Church has faced new anger against corruption allegations in Ireland, it has also found the lost section of two recent referendum, respectively, marriage and abortion have been changed legally respectively. . This change was just a few years ago incredible.
And although nothing can result in the end of baptism of the end of baptism, it is expected that measurement can help in the way of renovation of Ireland’s education system.

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‘Why are they still running our school?’

In 2015, the United Nations Committee for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights indicated the lack of access to the Early Educational System secular, state-funded education.
In the same year, Dublin’s resident Nikki Murphy says, her son Robin was dismissed 13 different schools because she did not get baptized. Murphy contested his son Baptist “practically”, so he started a campaign to open a local school, “on a religious basis or on their social economic background against any child.” Will not agree. ”

He finally took the case to the High Court of Ireland, filed a case against the state’s discrimination case, education department and attorney general.
Within 10 days of the establishment of this case, Murphy says he is offering a building where he can open secular school.
In 2017, Minister of Education has planned to open more multi-government and non-dependent schools. Projects include refugee migration from many schools – most of whom are owned by the Catholic Church – along with secular education teachers as well as education charity education. The purpose of the project is to open up to 400 facilities such as 2030.
But parents whose children are starting to start school soon say that it is not fasting.
Orla Matthew lives in Leixlip with his 4-year-old son, Faolán. He was raised at the Catholic but now is known as an eternally and never his son is baptized.

Matthew and his son Follan have a 15-minute drive from North Carolina, as well as one home outside of each other. Matthew put his son in his West List in March 2015, hoping for an opportunity by September 2019. Now she is campaigning for another secular school in her area.
There are only four primary schools in their nearby school district, and they are all Catholic.
40, Matthew’s “Mathematical” means that it is difficult to send schools with Catholic ethics in the various types of scandals.
When he was seven months pregnant, a large tomb of the children born of marriage was found in the county of the west of the country. About 800 children, who once searched for unusual mothers and children living in the house of children, run by Catholic sisters sisters. The death certificate was found, but among the children born between 1925-1961 did not have any burial records. Some were buried in an area near the tank of debris. The Dublin Archive called it “sick”.
The news shook his mother with a mother’s death.
He says “it was like the last nail in the coffin.” “I did not want anything

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The news shook his mother with a mother’s death.

He says “it was like the last nail in the coffin.” “I wanted nothing to do with the church. A mood of the church and their children were only hated by me.”
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Now, Math is instructing her energy to drive for more secular education systems, hoping to open nearby school next year next year.

“Why are we paying taxes – and the church who treats so badly mothers so badly in the past, why are they still running our school?” Matthew asks
Foolan was placed on a waiting list for a secular school, on the day she was unable to leave maternity. But three years later, they are still waiting.

‘Comprehensive and all passage’

That is why these schools do not have enough food to feed, according to Paul Rowau, together with an important executive executive, secular school runs. And this is not just non-Jesus who wants to register.
Choose some agreed parents as well as to educate schools as they want to make their children capable of meeting children with different backgrounds.
Other religious families like to accept responsibility for their children’s religious education at home, a sign is that the churches can be classified as illegal by the church.
Rai told CNN, “There is a big change in which democracy is trying to describe it, the most involved and the most avoiding it.”
He said that baptism obstacle is a step in the right direction, adding that it is highlighted that the church depends on power.
Reeve said that when the charity institutions were established in 1978, it was met with a “great popular assistant” but “was a major resistance to the mainstream institutions”.
Religious organizations claimed that together with education, the status of “godly schools” was an anti-religious organization, “the concept of Irish nationalism is enemy.”

But Louie says church status has been developed on secular schools.”At the high level, they see that dependency control (on the education system) is incredible and they are finally a constructive partner on us.”

While the church still holds a great power in terms of school protection, the end of baptism can indicate the secularization during the last year.
“It is almost like Ireland Ireland is becoming an attitude of civil unity in the world, where polarranging and nationalism and sectarian trends are increasing. Today is very interested in the social situation that Ireland is very strong On the other hand, “said Row.
For parents like Mathews, he is like Ireland who thinks for his son.
Matthew says that “I choose dislike, but I do not expect my child to do so,” he added, that they believe that religion should be made outside of school system. .
“If he chooses to be later Catholic in life, I support him, but he has to decide.”


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