UN Transfiguration Agency says Venezuela is looking for the same refugee “moment of crisis” in 2015 in 2015 in the Mediterranean.

Alerts that its neighbors have tried to stop the movement of people from Venezuela’s economic crisis.

Peru brought tough border regulations to the weekend – One day later, a court tried to strengthen Ecuadorian’s control.

Over 2014 million Venezuela has fled from their country since 2014.

They are coming out of Venezuela with a major economic situation facing food shortages, food and basic equipment.

Peru on the border border
Seventh Venezuela was stopped from Peru border by Ecuador before the midnight at the end of the night.

18-year-old Jonathan Zimmunno, in Timbous, on the border between Ecuador and Peru told AFP news agency that they were on the road with many others on the road along the road.

Venezuela’s crisis eliminated millions of people
Harassment of Venezuela Bridge
My first week as the representative of BBC Venezuela
More than 2,500 plus parrots make thousands of attempts to reach Peru on a cross-border cross-border in Tempe’s Small Per-Border City city on Friday.

Tomas Crossing has seen about 3,000 revenue in recent weeks.

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This is the median range that is from # Peru – Midnight, they will not allow Venezuela to pass if they are not a passport. Stay for more than half an hour – Immigration officials expect very angry people who can not get rid of time.

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    Peru is about 400,000 immigrants home of Venezuela, according to Peru’s immigration agency, last year has reached last year.
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Rules on new rules require a valid passport on Saturday. Yet, Venezuela has been allowed to enter Peru’s only with their ID cards.

Ecuador brought the same law last week. However, on Friday, a judge broke the regional agreement on Venezuela’s need to take the right passport.

The state of Ramama in Brazil’s Amazon area was also trying to close the borders of the first judge of this month.

Looking for a new life on the streets in Peru can also be considered to be strictly against Venezuela.

“We are sorry for the people of Venezuela, but they are working away from Peru,” he told AFP, a dress-stall running a clothing stall in the city near the border. It is difficult to help more people. Is. ”

His words were echoed by Ecuadorian Guerreroo Gauters.

“Walk on two calls and you see Venezuela 10, let’s go and you see Venezuela 10.

“In economically poor countries, it is difficult to help more people than anything else.”

Pervez Prime Minister Sesar Valenciyeva said Venezuela has to showcase his passport on the border that it was not “a closer” on Peruvian Venezuela’s immigrants.

He said that identity cards have not been provided enough information and can easily be counterfeit.

Peru Foreign Minister Nasted Polololevev said that Venezuelan Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, or Polio cross-border cross-border can apply for a visa.

The situation ‘build a crisis’

Joel Milman, spokesman for the International Organization for International Award (IOM), said that in recent times, recent violence in Brazil indicates that it needs the help of the region.

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“This crisis is a crisis that we have seen in other parts of the world, especially in the Mediterranean,” he told reporters.

“A difficult situation can become a crisis situation very soon and we have to get ready.”

However, the Chara Cardolite of the United Nations Refugee Agency said that other countries in the region welcomed Venezuela and “in Europe we have seen such conditions as possible.”

“What we are looking for is a continent who has opened the door to open its doors, who need help and escape,” he said.

Ms. Cardoletti further added that Columbia registered over 450,000 Venezuela and gave a regular status. The UN says more than 870,000 Venezuela is in Colombia, many of them are in dangerous situations.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutter has to set up a UN specialist team to strengthen the regional response, while Ecuador will host the 13 regional regional summit in September.


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