The latest on shooting near North California High School (local time):

9:45 p.

Authorities say that a 16-year-old boy was killed and an 18-year-old teenager was injured when a Kelly war passed near the California High School.

Two people were arrested after shooting. Near the Philadelphia Army High School. Police say they do not search for any other suspect.

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Officers say it was described as a battle between the two groups during this shootout.

As officers arrived, two suspects fled, with the police saying they were running a high school James.

Officers immediately arrested the complaints and closed the school

He said no campuses were damaged.

Authorities arranged a nearby meeting of their parents to take their children, while the authorities continued to investigate.


9:15 p.

According to police, two people were injured and two others were injured as a gun battle near North California High School officials said.

The Fairfield Police Department has reported this report that soon after 5 minutes it was near Army High School. Friday.

Authorities say they have arrived to find two suspects fleeing from the scene after the war between the two groups.

Suspects were arrested.

No more details on shooting, complaints or injured people were released immediately.

Army High School was carefully cautious. But police say they were safe on campuses.

Authorities conducted a close meeting of parents to take their children, while authorities investigated

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