Yemeni fighters in Yemen can fight against many Lebanese planets in Yemen


Independent experts said the Coalition forces have imposed strict sanctions on the Red Sea Ports and Accounts Airport, which can lead to Yemen’s main equipment, which can also become international crime.

Geneva, August 28 (Reuters) – Aerial attacks by the Saudi leadership allies in Yemen’s war, due to heavy civilian deaths on markets, weddings and fishing boats, some of which may be in the amount of war crimes, Tuesday on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia has led the establishment of Western society of the Sunni Muslim Muslim states, in which Yemen’s President Abdul Rabb is trying to restore the internationally recognized government of Mansoor Hadi, which is in the house of Iran-based House in 2015. The source has gone out of the capital Sanaa.

The fighters of the Houthi movement have fired missiles in Saudi Arabia, stopped the delivery of goods to Tajzada and defeated the strategic city from Holland. He said he has committed violence, war crimes.

Independent experts have said in their first report of the Human Rights Council that coalition forces have imposed strict sanctions on the Red Sea ports and the Sinai airport.

Additional inspection methods of Heddah Port have “impacted the impact of commercial shipping”, although no UN or allies have detected that the weapons of smuggling in Yemen where 8.4 million people are contrary to the dangers.

“Coalition air strikes have caused more and more civilian casualties,” said Panel, in the last three years, such aerial attacks, residential areas, markets, funeral, marriages, concentration facilities, civil boats, and even medical facilities But have died. ”

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11 probe investigations have “raised serious concerns about the targeting process implemented by the Alliance.” But emphasized that people or structures protected by international human rights will be illegally infringed.

“People in Yemen and Saudi Arabia and UAE are facing attacks against the principles of difference, proportion and precautions that have increased the amount of war crimes”, experts said. He set a secret list of suspects.

There was no immediate response from these governments, due to which a report received a pre-report from the United Nations.

The 41-page report said that all sides have convinced the children between 11 and 17 years and fighters are also used to participate in war crimes.

Geneva between the government and the House was released on September 6 before peace talks.

Tunisia’s specialist, referring to the panel led by Cambridge, not specifically the United States and the United Kingdom, who provided weapons and intelligence to Saudi leadership allies, nor did he have a finger on Iran’s support for Household Indicated.


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