After winning the Great Challenge Cup of Katness, we come back to the Super League this week, and the prize for the Grand Final is on horizon.

This is the second versus the first on Friday – more than that, this is Derby Day. It is City Helison against Wigan, and here are three head heads who can decide …


It has yet been a memorable year for St. Helen, but 2018 is a bit special for Tommy McNinson Sports News Today.

In the end, he made England his first against New Zealand in Denver, which has been overlooked for a long time for many years. McNinson dismissed Bench on that day and tried England.

The wing could not cross the way in such a way as he would like in the super league in the season – he regularly organized seven colleagues in the campaign – but McNinson caught two players in the recent win on Week Field. Take it, nine overall, three-back companion Reagan bounty.

McNinson is too much for his game; he has helped seven attempts and made about 2500 meters on 7.85 meters. The Grand Final winners will try to score for the first time in 2014, they will be important for the orphans in the run.

Meanwhile, the Tom Davis campaign may be important in Wigan. On the top of the Warriors Leam Marshal went with knee injury against the Catalan, Wiggan left with a hole on the wing. But hopefully – Dies is the second in terms of second tranquility by Shan Shan van. This season is still 11 years old.


The wing has been hand-sensitive in the ball. He has more than 311m more than 3,000 meters from any other Wigan player, which is the second in the super league, behind Bill Tup Tup.

Diesage meters come up to 8.82 meters per kilometer, while they are at the top of a clear break category for 24-year warriors. Will he cross the white flights on Friday night?

Jonie Lomom V George Williams

There is a large number of months before Jonie Lomom. Guiding the Saints around the park with confidence with Danny Richardson, she will look for her to create.


Lexax has given himself an eye to the line. He runs a cracker against Wakefield, showing stunning feet to get for four poets. The 15th attempt of this season, just as San Jose, behind Ben Barbara and Marc Praswal The Sports News Today Latest Sports News.

At the back of Barba and Richardson, 14 attempts of Lumom’s support are the third best. Do you have half your luggage on Friday?

The NRL rumors will not be removed yet. George Williams last year, despite signing a new Marxist player agreement during the season last year, had acknowledged that he would dream of moving NRL. Warriors have already lost John Bateman the next season Australia and will have a big blow to Williams’s lost.

But after these comments, the player has said that he is going to become 100% Wigan player next season. Great news for the warrior fans, because he is important because of them; Williams has tried most of this by Wigan for 19 years in this season.

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The injured faced some problems in 2018 and deprived a peak behind the regular season, but half was back and hoped towards the old trophy.

Zeb Tia V. Greenwood

This pack will be the night of a big collision and Justin Holbrooke will need his best at best tie. He is a strong carrier, with an average of 7.30 meters drive in the year 2018, an average of 252 MW of 352. You are also a dangerous office loader. Louie McCartyie – along with Scoresrock, she has got the most common for her for 30 years.


Tries you (8), Assistant (6), and Tallas (653), the fourth best by City Helson. A real all-rounder, he has to do his best on Friday night.

Wigan pack is anti-Taia man, City Heels changed it. Joe Greenwood decided to move the NRL and Gold Coast Titans in 2017, while TIA made the switch another way.

But in Australia, life does not work enough for Greenwood, and it led him to June in Lennestore. However, instead of pulling on the red and white city heels, he is now his biggest opponent in Wigan Cherry and White.


The Greenwood Jail is alternative to the Tomken and is well-settled. Its efforts have been done so far, more than 100 rockets are already and more than 400 meters. The second way will not be Friday to get any of your ex-team colleagues.


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