A major international airport has been closed in western Japan, resulting in thousands of people dead, due to the deadly tiffin jab.

A major movement of the service center, which serves as the ocean airport, Asca, Cobi and Kyoto, was cut off when the tanker of the sea hit the bridge in centralland and damaged.

Joe, Japan’s biggest storm in 25 years has killed at least 10 people.

He has left the way to infect the infrastructure, to remove the roofs, to remove vehicles and to cut power.

What happened on the airport?

Tanker Tiffany was severely impressed by the strong winds of the jubby and passed through the bridge.

The pictures shown how JB did destroy

The Casanie International Airport is built on a man-made island and is connected to the central side. Through the bridge 3,000 passengers are hungry in the night, some electric without terminals have been posted for more than 18 hours, furnace and piercing are posted to rid them on Friday. .

A passenger told NH Broadcasters: “We had an air so there was no air conditioning. It was hot.”

Some people were able to go to the buses, using a non-infected part of the damaged bridge.

  • Some airplanes were hit by water in their engines with water quickly.
  • All flights have been canceled and there is no confirmation after the reopening of the airport. The Canan Airport website can only say “Reuters and Bridge” will be “open again” on September 6 or later. Some reports said it could take a week.
  • In 2016, Cisson took over 25 million passengers, making it the third largest in Japan.
  • How strong is the storm?
    He targeted the winds of 216 km / h (135 mm) in the land at local time on Tuesday (two o’clock) at noon.
  • It moved northward to the northwest north to the northwest.
  • According to officials, apart from the deaths, 300 people were wounded.
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What was wrong

Some 400,000 homes are still called without power.

  • The air-conditioning ceiling came down at the main railway station at Kyoto’s tourist center.
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    The pictures have shown containers in the ports such as toy bricks and vehicles scattered in the streets.
  • In a depot in Nashumma, dozens of vehicles were thrown into fire as a short circuit electronic.
  • Some million people have been advised to get rid of those areas where storm was encountered and local media said that over 16,000 people nominated the refugees for a nights.
  • Prime Minister Shinzo Avi tweeted: “We will continue to endeavor to answer the loss of disaster and restore infrastructure.”
  • The theme of Japan’s Universal Studios in Osaka was closed on Wednesday Wednesday, but it should be re-opened on Thursday.
  • Despite the rapid throwing of society in society, the footage on social media showed 100 million (328ft) long ferrous wheels.


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