Brazil’s Foreign Minister Iliaevo Nuns Farraah is aware that the EU and the Resourceor have agreed on 12 out of 15 in the agreement, but there are many potential problems that are around agriculture.

These include quotes on meat and sugar exports from the European Union to Mercedesur, South American trading block.

Members include Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, members of Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Suriname.

In order to wrap the conversation on September 14-17, after meeting in the capital of Minorvideo capital of Uruguay, a discussion has been made to resume between the two sides.

But Mr. Nunes has warned that if a deal is not agreed immediately, the new politician can come into power and get rid of any speed.

Their opinion is that Brazil is preparing for the next month’s election, right now and right will be in the initial elections, while the European Parliament elections are likely to be held in May 2019.

Mr. Nunes warned: “If people have different ideas, it may be incredible or you have to start again.

“So this movement is, if we want to do it. If not, you had to wait five or six years.”

Last week, Argentine president Marsio McRei asked the International Finance Fund (IMF) to accept the $ 38 billion ($ 50 bn) billلاo package back in June.

It has been announced that Argentina’s money collected fast for the eighth day, which was below the record of $ 31.65. This means that this year alone 40 percent have fallen into accounts.

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Earlier this week, financial services and ranking expert Moody has warned that Argentina has sliding in a fist that can continue in 2019.

Brazil’s economy is struggling even worse, and it only reinstates one year later due to worst disaster in its history.

President Michael Tammer will not stand for re-election again, but his center – Brazil Democratic Movement Party and Allied Allies will have to share some good news two years in power.

If a deal with the EU is agreed, since the establishment of Mercedesaur in 1991, this kind of major business agreement will be between the two sides.

In recent months with Japan, Mexico and Canada, it will also be the latest major insurgency by the EU.

Mr Nuns added: “The Mercosur market is larger than the Japanese market, with countries where middle class and modern users are growing, modernizing and increasing the maximum number of users.

“Argentine and Brazil, two major centers, want the talks to end soon, how much will they expect about the crisis-affected economies.


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