One year after the destiny of destiny, its third extension, disturbed, is now alive. I’ve played around 12 hours yet, to complete the story of stories, trying new efforts and passing through a new gibbase mode. Unlike twenty bases – and the previous two details, Curse of the Asirus and Warren – there is a lot of dentists to sink in the launch. Stay tuned for updates as updated and final review after the root bit.

If you paid for the last two expenses, you should not have trouble getting back. I started a 337 power-tolerant campaign and managed to fight my way for more than 460, with strike and balloon match routine, solo patch is the most difficult, while two or three firefox Cooperative mission can help to speed up the process (even if you all have been reduced). For newcomers, you can automatically succeed in a role and start a drive campaign, though you actually have to be the owner of all previous content to play.

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It is not necessary that the best entry point for new players, though, for most reason you will not care about the story if you do not know who’s the key 6. His death is the authority for your entire journey, and the purpose of this time is not to save the world. This is a revenge. But if you like it, it is still the most busy story of Destiny 2. Campaign is a new generation of enemies like eight bars, powerful bosses who have helped to hit the cadde. Hates the neck, which puts you in a shameful partnership with an exotic designated spider bass, which can help you track their prices (for the sake of). . The Black Purpose is based on the purpose of the game aimed at refreshing after taking a red lane, and the bass focuses on the less focused work that prevents the second fate of 2 guests.

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Each of the overseas has its own style and characteristics, with which it is more memorable than others. Rider, inevitably, is a big car fan, and you spend most of this mission and fight around the open field on the pike instead of closing in a field. The level of the tracker is with bombs that look like poultry and run with a lot of complicated games. Some of the baroon missions follow more traditional fortune levels, as long as you reach at least at least at least at least at least at least at least at least to reach the room. At least at least at least at least. Along with this, it is an exciting and effective campaign – it’s the overall feeling of different kind and harmony, and it feels important to build every step towards it.

New destructive enemies also have a welcome, and feel different from other enemy types. If they are not cautious, they usually move quickly and destroy you; blasting a variety of scables like a cricketer and a bomb, while one and you have a fading high-speed weapon. Charging and near is very awesome. You do not need to change your view too much, but learn about fighting them – find out about their main points of view and interfering around their rides.

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Although we do not have much time to sink in modern weapons and gears, the new weapon system, which was already before the expansion, could force you to try new things. The value of infusion is higher than ever before, so soon as soon as possible, surface standout is additional wild bow as soon as possible as soon as possible as soon as possible to prepare the rod; It’s amazingly powerful, versatile and very fun to use. If you hold the trigger, you can accurately shoot with a distance, and help you catch the new weapon type in between the bright spaceship space.

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New Strikes Always welcome those who are tired of running the same people, but weak strikes (including PS4 specials) are not very different from any other strike – you have to kill a group of middle-class enemies. Lord. Like fate 2, more interest with night samples increases the success of the team as a result of success.

Better side activity is a new gaming mode. This is sometimes the mass exclusive PvE with PVC twist; you are divided into two separate teams in the maximum number of maps, to gather a special number of mounts from the falling enemies and run for the bank, and if If conditions are correct, a team member can “attack” another step in pursuing the map of another team. I still want to know more about it really interested in it, but there is a creative set of elements that usually lie in fate 2.

Destiny 2 : Destiny 2: Forsaken is the result of the vast quantity of player

After two years after Oscar and Curse’s curse, I enjoy it twice. The biggest question is how long it will end, but there is plenty of money when I captured it before the hidden rods.


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