You often see sold items on business projects that are costly for the cost of sold goods, which are also known as COGS. Mostly initially costly goods are costly, but there is no value that can be overwhelmed by it, and this is the cost of sale.

Today’s “scale” is fast and easy, in the world of worldly, fast-scale easy and permanently fails when you do not appreciate the real value of the sale. The high speed scaling problem is that you It can be measured so fast that you actually sell that you can not maintain.


Since you choose to sell a customer individually or in which area you can not afford to afford. But you do not know their cost when you’ve sold them. In fact, maybe you were probably very happy to make a sale and could not wait to get your investors back on news!

We work as many start consultants throughout the country. They all have the best products that are able to stop their industries. They usually want to raise money fast. We are forced to warn them very soon. We encourage them to slow down, make their mistakes in a small place, and start out, do not sell more than their homes, but they will say that they run in one day and sorry. Can do

When we started naked wines, we thought, “O Allah, is natural for this product, air is natural. Everyone is walking around barefoot. Covered on the beach naked toe prints. It seems that half bars are called ‘Angry’. “So we sent our products to Hawaii’s search for mango. And indeed we found them! All of us retail accounts have submitted it. He said it was best for his fun lifestyle.

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We were happy

But by one month, and then two, and then three … no response! So we removed the plane back to the plane and we visited the accounts we sold – and no barefoot could be found. When we asked retailers, he said, “Yes, barefoot. It was a warm love!” He has sold it! “… as they pass along.

After that we sold a big jack up at the actual price of the sale. It shows that they do not reset because our own distributor in the air has encouraged another brand to sell. Therefore, they were happy that barefoot was sold. He replaced them for putting the second brand and encouraging them. We believe that we should not track our sales to police, supervise our distributors and stay at our stores on a regular basis, and never enter our budget.

The sales price is something you are actually trying to sell and then try to maintain sales. For example, we had to drive the plane up to two years as long as we could not afford to present our full-time representative in the island.

As we started growing, we realized that our experience in Hawaii was a hanger of the upcoming things. We realized that we had to be a representative in every major metropolitan area where we sold our products – just to keep in stores, let alone sell first. It was an expensive proposal. We provide salaries, expenses, samples, regular stores in store and have to create clients to create and promote our products to promote their brand in the local community.

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