The European Parliament has decided to take unprecedented action against Hungary on the alleged violations of the European Union values.

Prime Minister Victor Ober has been blamed for the attack on the media, minorities and the rule of law – the accusations that they deny.

Supported more than two-thirds of the MPE’s movement of MPE – such members already registered against the state under EU regulations.

If approved by National Leaders, Hungary can face criminal proceedings.

The final approval of the Hungarian voting rights suspension is unlikely that Poland should not take any action.

BBC Nick Thorpe in Budapest says Mr. Andan is rapidly isolated among European conservatives but is praised by nationalist parties.

What is Hungary accusing?

After coming to power, Mr. Ober’s government has demonstrated the hardship against immigration. He introduced a law which has declared it a criminal offense for lawyers and workers to help the refugees under the “illegal immigration facility” banner.

  • What restrictions have Hungary done on Hungary?
  • n depth – Victor Oban’s Hungary
  • European injection in the heart of the European Injection
  • But there is also a report for pressure on courts and election systems, and mass riots.
  • After the vote, the European Parliament said it is also concerned about:
  • Constitutional and electoral system
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Freedom of expression and religion
  • Educational freedom and association freedom
  • Exclusive rights for equality and minority like Roma and the Jews
  • Mr Oberan, addressing Parliament in his government’s defense on Tuesday, threatened censorship as a form of “blackmail” and appealed to Hungary.
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He claimed that Dachen Greens MEP Judge Sergeantini used “power to use”, and “seriously misleading”.

Ms. Sergeant’s report at the Hungarian ruling Fodsz Party, allegedly had such measures “a clear violation of the values ​​of our allies”.

  • Center on Hungarian Action – Right Distributed
  • The BBC Brussels reporter Adam Fleming analyzed

Victor O’Beber’s opposition last night till appealed to the European Parliament’s Center – European Parliament’s Center – Association leader Manfred Weber, lost his patience with his allies and announced that he was able to mobilize Article 7 Will decide

But it has split inside the EPP because Forbes Italy, some Bulgaria, some Germans and various groups supported Budapest.

The maximum British conservative MPE supported the Hungarian government, denying that the EU intervened in purely national affairs. They strictly deny that the transaction was to protect Hungary’s cooperation in the process of process or for the country leader.

However, this incident can not disturb Mr. Oberan as it is, because it returns its image as a tribute to the European establishment.

What can happen now

To break the EU’s fundamental principles, article 7 suspends the rights of a member as a measure of financing under an EU leader.

However, Hungary is facing “preventive” measures, in which parliament says that it is designed to avoid completely ban.

The BBC Real Check Check Team has explained in detail detail Article 7. Clearly, the Hungarian decision will now be considered head of the EU member states.

However, because it has never been taken before this step, it is not clear what will happen next or what.

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Hungary’s voting rights is the most serious consequence of the rights – but it is not possible.

Poland faces a disciplinary staff starting by the European Commission in December last year. The case is not yet to reach the European Parliament.

What is the reaction?

Hungary Foreign Minister Peter Sezajajarto expressed unfortunately on the vote and called “immigration” the “thin revenge” of politicians.

Some politicians from other countries also defended Mr Ober’s government. The British Swallow Franz, a Pro Luminous MEP, wrote that the decision “demonstrated” the strongest grip of the European Union “.

Anti-Islam Dutch populist Jet Wilders tweeted: “Hungary is an example for all EU countries and Ober Nobel Prize deserves.”

But Ms. Sergeantini, who wrote on the report of Mr Obergan’s government, said that the decision has sent an important message that the EU will stand for citizenship rights.

He said that Victor Ober’s government has blamed the independent media for replacing delicate judges with academia against European values.

“People near the government have promoted themselves, their friends and family members at the cost of Hungarian and European taxpayers. Hungary’s people are better.”

Amber International expert, about the human rights in the EU, Berber Bali-occupied the vote as “historic”.

“The European Parliament for the Hungarian people and the European Union stands right,” he explained. Human rights, rule of law and democratic values ​​are not ready to negotiate. ”

European Commission President Jean Claude Joker said that if he would vote for the measurement as a MPE.

“An European Commission is using our resources, starting a breach against countries that do not respect the EU law. [I] I am in harmony with today’s decision.” He said through a Twitter Twitter account.

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