The tournament floods in various parts of the storm, and it has been promised that Propagand fell as a fast storm for more than a day, and at least five people were killed.

North Carolina Guevio Rio Coupe told the week, “The danger of flood from this storm is faster than today when it made the earth 24 hours ago.” “Our river, our cities, our cities and our cities are facing water walls in our area.”
Storm storm has spread within South Carolina, but its main rain bands are still infrared infrared with North Caroline. Make sure what a flood day can happen for some communities.

It is expected that the floods will be flooded in the inner areas of the two states, water is rising before water in short coast, South Carolina water is rising and some rivers are not crushed from second to three to five days. Available.
Florence destroyed Friday 1 Aquarium in North Carolina on Friday, and expelled approximately 964,000 customers in the state and south of Carolina.
They have trapped people in flood homes, such as water and teams locally trying to add local emergency professionals around the clock.

The storm will be thrown into Caroline before reaching the Ohio Valley.

Important Progress

  • Location of Florence: On 11th of the week, Florence’s center was 40 km northwest of the northwest of Merrell Beach, more than 45 miles of continuous winds. The National
  • Environmental Service said it is located in the west at 2 miles per hour.
    Cloud: The tropical storm winds of Florence (at least 39 miles) reach 150 miles from its center.
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  • No electricity: Emergency authorities have said that there are approximately 809,000 customers without North Carolina’s electricity. Authorities said that in neighboring South South Carolina, 155,000 customers have electricity power.
  • Trapped and Rescued: In North Carolina’s Hard-hit New York City, Rescue has killed more than 400 people from water-related homes, and is looking forward to about 100 other rescue. Mayor Dana Outlove told the morning in the morning.
  • Many floods are coming to the end: By the end of the storm, 40 kilograms of north will fall in the Carolina and North-West Carolina areas, which will be destroyed by destructive flash floods and river floods. Projector said that rain in the 15-inch rain can be seen in some parts of South Carolina.
  • AAAA official, Steve Gold Dast said on a week, would produce a devastating flood on the parts of the fluorescence nose and cellularina.
  • Record record: Florence 30th inch rainbow, the end of the sunlight broke the record of state-of-the-art recycling system during the Society Society. In 1999, the last recorded record of 24.06 inches during the Storm Storm was set.

At least 5 have been killed

Police said Florence killed at least five people, including five men including mother and her children who died in a home of Marine Williamsang after a tree. Dad was injured.
In Hampist, North Carolina, the weapons killers appear to be in prison for captivity to show that their paths are closed from the trees. Authorities said that when the woman reached home, the woman died.

Two people were killed in Lononi County, North Carolina. According to emergency officials, checking out one of the generators and their dogs was electrified while hacking others.

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Increase in the number of prisoners in North Waziristan in North Waziristan, he later explained that his death was not related to Florence.

He called 911. Nobody came

People who live behind are trapped in their homes surrounded by water.

Anacet Rally – Comarti said he and his family thought they would be safe in their brick’s house in the Middle East Carolina. But the water is rising.
She, her husband and three children escaped for eighteen years, but the winds heard, and the floor ran into the bedroom.

When he was waiting for emergency workers, then the neighbors heard the move going for help. He said that his 6 foot 2 husband had run it, but the water was on his chest.
“It is the worst feeling in the world that listening to people’s help and you can not do anything,” he said.
He said 911, but no one came. Lastly, the boat volunteer rescue team from Indiana saved them with a boat.

Increasing water is likely to be worse

Within 15 miles of Merry Beach, it is the most likely place for places like South Carolina.

Volunteers and city workers have tried to fill the sand bug, which is trying to become a low point in the city’s Liu system.

But for some time you will be under pressure. The National Weather Service said that Lumber river was near 12.24 feet in the normal flood phase on Saturday morning – but it is on Wednesday Wednesday from Wednesday to Wednesday, the first phase of the summer (19 feet).

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Emergency states

For the seasonal storm, overall will be like Africans in Denis and Flood in 1999, Chris Wamsley of the National Weather Service said
“The difference is only one, then it was within 14 days.” With Florence, it will be the same amount of rain in three days.

In many states authorities have announced emergency situations, including Caroline, Georgia, Virginia and Maryland, where coastal areas are still restoring summer.

Storm tensions rise from Thursday, North Carolina, Susanbourg to Hall and High Fluorescence.

Sign up for Florence Alerts

Florence is one of the four blasts in Atlantic. According to the National Horse Center Center, Troubles will travel through South Carolina, a tropical depression will be reduced, and then Ohio will turn towards Valley.

As it walks near Ohio and West Virginia, it remains a bit. Next week, next week, northwest east of Nova Scotia, it will fall on the Atlantic Ocean, where it will reduce an additional ocean with street force winds.
TNN’s Tina Buronds, Chuck Justinston, Nick Valencia, Victor Bilel Well, Brandon Miller and Richweer participated in this report.


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