The best game for any platform

At the bottom of the page, you will find the best sports list of the year for each individual platform. First, we see 10 best overall releases in all platforms from the first half of 2018. These are the most skilled new games (resorters / ports of old titles have been removed, such as relatively, sterilization releases and DLC) at least 7 reviews from professional cash. If a particular game was released for several platforms, we just reviewed the maximum amount of review.

Part reboot, behind the part, behind the part, the 13-year-old God of this PS4 special wild franchise has celebrated the new height by the story of a long and emotional single player, which is included in the novel of Nuran and God of the Great The long-term crucial Kritus skills of their parents (and war) axis. This is the # 3 game of all time on PS4 (Metroot rating).

Not bad for India, yes? After impressing criticism with the game Tower Fill, Matt Thompson (AA Matt Mate Games) for the first time, with numerous numerous arrows, it has come back with a very different but even better pursuit. A delightful retro art style is very difficult with 2D platforming. A tale to tie each one.

Monster Hunter was always a bit of a free offer outside Japan. But no. Capcom’s financing action / fifth key entry in the RPG series, and the first one together, is a monsters hit release, which resulted in criterion and its increasing accessibility, broad-range graphics, And deeply participated in the gameplay of the open world. A PC version may arrive before the end of the year.

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The second release of the team behind India was more influenced by high speed and is another winner. Break is a turn-based strategy game in which the level of practice created according to the pattern is 8 to 8 grams. Your goal is that instead of humanity’s left-hand, mute can be protected from foreigners like insects who cool their tricks already. To do this, you got a squad of humongous mechs from the future. Is it tough Of course.

Another crowd of bookmark hits is the result of the spectators’ entertainment for a variety of Gat Fantasy GPG Fantasy RPG Series (Non-Formal) Reboot 2015 Awards. Dead fire is set in the same world as originally, but with a tin material, a great story is very decent in the capacity. If you are looking for the same player’s game, you can do it for dozens of hours to keep busy.

Another indie, Subnica Bay Area Studio lives from Unknown World (Natural Selection 2). His new (and best) title is an open world in the sea of ​​an alien planet in the 22th century, the only player survival / search game.

The first console / PC game arc system in Dragon Ball Franchise’s latest battle game series is coming out, the best known for his criminal Gear and the Billes Bill game. You will have to face 2D fighting in the Tag Team controversy on YouTube 3, which feels the true source content with an anime art style.

The latest and franchise’s first first console installation at DJMax Rhythm Game Series is amazingly difficult gameplay and over 100 songs (as well as DCL).

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The Roarse-born Giansee-based cell-door games come back with a very different pursuit, the co-bordeaux is to solve the partial puzzle. Consequently such critics (at least PCs), although the hostages still do not seem to catch.

Its charming JPPG’s Level 5 delay setting is unchanged: The wrath of White Witch is not the association with the studio galaxy, but it does not matter. It is perfectly good, and features similar anime visual style because it is on a journey to find a boy king by means of the following world of darkness.

The best game by the platform

There are titles for the highest score for each platform between Jan 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018. At least 7 reviews of critics are the only need to join.


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