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A host of Spotify, Deezer, and other companies of the European Union, emphasizes the EU governments to work hard to deal with the allegedly unfair business practices organized by Google, such as Google, Apple and Amazon.

On Monday, in a joint letter to the European governments, publishers and game developers, industry-makers asked “to capture the opportunity” to designate the drafting draft so that these apps and Designers can be designed to improve the relationship between the customers who fast for them on the platform.

Companies say that the new rules made earlier this year have been planned by the European Commission, “serious harm” and “discrimination” have not been enough to solve.

Dotzer’s chief executive, Chief Executive of Staff, and Hans-Holler Albertchte point to Daniel Ellie, whose letter did Daniel Ellack do – Americans use their dominant position to illegally illegitimate illegal terms “Accused in the digital economy”. Game developers and app makers.

For example, Apple needs to download from this Apple Store, such as other public tools, such as PayPal.

United Nations Contest and Business Ministers will be held in Brussels on Thursday. 28 European Union countries will have to agree on a draft draft law, which will then be followed by the European Parliament and the European Commission.

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It is known as the “Business Business Platform”, in the final efforts of the commission to resolve the process of Google, Amazon and AirB such as “Intermediate Services” before the EU’s wide selection at the end of May. Are one of

The companies will need to provide more information on the commissioner’s proposal to understand how their rating algorithms work and offer business, appeals and traders with a formal complaint process, they can find search results or apple stores Has been displaced or district without adequate list.

But joint letter signals claim that measures are not enough to deal with unfair business practices. Spotat has complained that Apple’s App Store provides pre-treatment on its own music service and when it’s downloaded from the app store, it reduces 30% of the premium subscription fee.

“Individual transparency will not only reject the relationship between platforms and businesses that depend on them”, whose signature includes the European Publishers Council, the European Broadcasting Union head, and the European Game Developers Federation.

The letter said, “The immediate impact of unfair practices on business users can be severe, including competitive, business capabilities and customers, and reducing the ability to modernize and enhance new markets.”

Despite business-related demands, the ambassadors say that before the results of the European Parliamentary elections next May, member states are not possible to face the strict rules of the platform.

An embassy said that even though governments have supported the platform on platforms, instead of increasing the more stringent requirements for the platform, it is likely to return back to a deal.

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Week weeks after the war against platform regulatory, the MPE has agreed to begin negotiations with the European governments on several new copyright reforms, which allows YouTube’s likes to use their content by the musicians. The user may need to enforce filters on the uploaded content to protect.

European governments are also considering plans for implementing temporary “digital sales tax” on big tech companies, but are strongly distributed on this issue.


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