New York – As they start their first season without John Tours, Ireland’s New York is sure to be a different team. They believe that they can also be better.

There is a new leadership with Lou Lemurolo that drives Front Office and Stanley Cup winning berry treats behind the bench. And without his former captain, the Islands are a lot of crimes with Mathew Burla, Josh Bailey and Anderson Lee.

Following Washington’s leadership in Washington’s leadership in June, Tours has counted the Irish team to change, a series winning in the 1993-winning series.

“It’s a process, it’s not going to be late in the night,” he said. “We want to compete with a seriousness, it is simple and simple. Once you get a permanent obligation, you go every year (playback) and win a cup of yours. Will get opportunity. ”

Iceland has missed the last two years and the last two players. The final session, at the end of 30, beaten 30 points in their final 45 games. Because of the change in the leadership of leadership, he has also made a new hope if there are no high expectations.

Defenseman Johnny Bochk said, “If people say we are weak, all right, you just have to play with the game.” “When you miss playoffs, you do not want to recall it clearly. … To make sports and finally win is our team’s goal.”

Brussel is coming from the start of a wonderful start in which he got the League Trophy as the top robot for the lead trophy with 85 points (22 goals, 63 assistants). Goes to Town’s own township Maple Lifts, Bernal knows he will be counted for adoption.

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“Jan is a great player, it’s hard to change,” Brzell said. “But now it is over. I am encouraging the challenge. We have found many people here. I understand that the big character is encouraged to fill.”

Barley is not a dangerous threat to a team that is eight with 261 goals in NHL. The first 40-round goal of the finals in the le-finals was Josh Bailey 71 career (18 bullets, 53 assistant) and Jordan Aberde included 25 goals and 34 support.

Gay mother

Apparently about 3 1/2 years later, Ireland will return to Long Island for almost half of their home games in Nesau Collimum. The team will play 21 games at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, their home can be reached from the beginning of the 2015-16 season, and under 20 arrangements in Colombo, until their new field is the Race Rescue of Belmont Park. Not be made behind. Many players live near the oldest facility.

“These people are going to be very simpler,” said formerly Car Nail Cluster Beck. “Hopefully people are very happy to come back.”

Improve defense

Some key players were prevented from being injured, Defense gave the League the worst number of tablets and shots, and was also the last killer in punishing the island. However, Rene Polok and Adam Palech set themselves as a strong young defense and could be counted as a unit that was deprived of the calvin de han and only joined Luca Sisaa. Must be better than the system of treatment.

New contract

After finishing all the uncertainty of the course of the tenure of the tenure, during the last and season, the island can face similar questions – many players including Lee and Jordan Aberdeal – their last tenure Are in the year Other people who have illegally assisted independent agents include Brooklyn Nelson and Employee Waltett Philippe, Tom Kottachk, John Kovach, and Robin Genner.

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Lee said “Every one is unique in his own situation, everything will fall for individual boys in different places.” “I was able to watch and learn from (the situation of the tourism), but our matters are different.”

Behind pipes

The Thomas Grace and the Wonderland go to the season as the basic shells of the trumpet. Grace, which mostly distributed in the last three seasons in Jarrasse hook (now in Boston) last year, lasted more than last year, and ended 13-8-2 compared to a close and 3.82 goals average. After spending the last three years in Buffalo, Lennner, 26, was signed as a free agent. He was 14-26-9 with three beds and 3.01 ga for the last cesar’s last season.


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