The head of the London Fire Brigade says something about this can not be changed.Danny Cotton told an inquiry that she was put in an unstable situation and could not have been able to prevent fire spread.But the surviving group, Greenfield, called the “heart-to-face” and “Benazir” who died.

Last year, on June 14, west of London, due to the death of 72 residents.

Ms. Cotton, set in January 2017, inquiry into central London was asked if there was an aspect of response to fire brigade in which he would return.The survivor shook his head because he said “We will not change anything at night”.

He said: “I think without performing in my stunning scenario without my firefighters, my officers, and staff of my control.”He was pulled out in a steady situation, the building did not do that which had never done so that residents can help to avoid danger.”Without any doubt, I was personally responsible for doing my firefighters for their potential death in order to save many people in these possible buildings.”

What happened in the Greenfly Tower?

Greenfly Tower Fire: Who were the victims?

The green field tower was ‘unsafe’

Ms. Cotton said that specific training in dealing with blazes included in cladding will not help firefighter too.

He said he has never received any training on the spread of fire on the cladding, but said that the fire will be considered “unrealistic scene”.”I will not prepare a training package for a space shuttle on the ground before the shortage,” he said.”I will not expect that we have to answer a developed training or something that should not be.”He has since been taken steps, with full-fledged plans and local authorities to eliminate the cladding.

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“We can not even think that there will be no other fire like the Greenfly Tower because we have seen it and now we have to be able to deal with it.”But Natasha Elkak of the Greenfield UN said the Brigade had learned lessons from the last tower block fire in Cambridge in 2009, killing six people.”The Luck House is not ready to prepare again and say that possibilities like a spacecraft on the shard are slanderous and unwanted.”If anything, its answer is focused on the culture and extent of the loss of satisfaction,” he added.

“People are going to bed with towers tied up today and change the needs of fasting to keep them safe.”

‘Like something from a disaster movie’

In a witness statement, Ms. Cotton explained that she first saw her car through the screen screen, after which she reached the Greenfly Tower at 02:49 BS.”It just looked like something from a disaster movie. Like a hidden mixture of ‘tower lapate’ and a video was shown to me in a high-rise school in São Paulo, where people fled.”The Commissioner has revealed that he wanted to know the staff as he went to the tower.He said: “I remember that I actually physically spoke with them when the fire took place while physically communicating with them, because I would not believe 100% of my minds that everyone One will get out of living there.

“I wanted them to get positive qualifications to those firefighters, before they were saying good things to them before entering a building, supporting them and demonstrating that someone really did Care. “He said he was aware of the “fire of fire” by the explosion when he could not guarantee his safety.Ms. Cotton further added: “People will question correctly, but for me I can not be proud of the absolute promise and break of firefighters.

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“They were clearly afraid of going to the Greenfur Tower.”

Ms. Cotton said that the “completion and nature of this incident” had night memories.He has passed through consultation after helping to improve his memory, but it was “not very successful”.He also told the inquiry how he had prevented a memory where almost a piece of debris could kill it and kill him.Ms. Cotton added “I’m still looking hard to see the visual images and talk about Greenfly.”


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