The SoftBank Group Corporation, KKR & Co and General Atlantic Project, is a contract, which can start the world’s biggest start in the rapidly increasing Chinese internet player Beijing Bet Dance Technology.

The latest round byte dance, parents’ newsletter Janie Tutorio and video sensor, cost $ 75 billion before the Tikkot investment, he said that people who have nominated nominations mean private.

People said that the Tokyo based software bank initially targeted about $ 1.5 billion in investment, but it is not clear how its last check will be. While KRR and General Atlantic have interacted, people said that SoftBank can get a great role if it reaches its investment volume.

In the present round, six-year-old dance, which was being discovered around US $ 3 billion, was started to personalize content for consumers to use artificial intelligence, but shortly by the service provided by Davin Tied into a short video. Like Talk Tokk overseas. In July this service was 500 million monthly consumers.

The iQiyi, Tencent video, is challenging to enter long-term streaming video markets in Bite Dance China.

The company said in August that this music also owns Apple, which has about 100 million users and is being integrated with a Tickey box.

People said that the current case may still be in discussions and conditions.

The International Dance and Soft Bank

representative refused to comment. The General Atlantic did not immediately comment, while the KKR did not respond to the e-mailed question.

The Digital News Site Information is first reported that the Chinese company was in touch with a Soft Bank and KKR regarding a contract.

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Finding $ 3 billion in new fund round, Bond Dance said, mostly targeting American investors

Bite Dance is one of the new generation of Chinese Internet genre challenging long-term dominance of Tentain Holdings and Alibaba Group Holdings.

Unlike companions like Dude Challenging or Mubarak Diving, Bait Division has grown without the support of Tencent or Alibaba in one of the country’s most popular online service providers.

According to the figures of CB Invoice, in US $ 75 billion, Between Dance will fall only on York Tricks, which is US $ 72 billion. Rival Dodge Challenging Contest will increase US $ 56 million.

The United Nations financial services are said to be an affiliate of Alibaba, it is valued at US $ 150 billion, but the CB Infrastructure can not be counted as private company’s support. Alibaba South China is the mother company of early morning publishing in New York’s list.

Talkie Talk targets a big audience of audience from the music in a new video platform to absorb the app.

Finance round is currently facing one of the most difficult Internet eradication in the history of the country despite Chinese country providers and holding a fund that has started a small start. Like Beth Diddin, many of her rivals, many apps that allegedly contain inappropriate inappropriate content temporarily pulled out of Chinese app stores or closed completely on the order of regulators.

The SoftBank arrival can become a new chapter for China Chinese firm. Founder Messy Sona beta is known for developing an active hand in developing companies in their portfolio, which includes the US $ 100 billion visa fund for SoftBank, SoftBank

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