It can end up with new music, even impossible. The styling singles from a weekly album release on falling daily, music is very easy to slip through breaking things. There may be a lot to follow with the recommendations of Uproxx on a daily basis, so we are offering a great music tour every Monday for the last week.

This week, Lana del Rey has been offered that may be a career-specific song, Lil Peep and XXXTentacion captions released a passionate track that has been moved to style, and like Brooklyn, Loop Fassco and Matrix. What Yes, it was a great weekend for music. Check in the light below.

Christine and Queens – Chris

Christine and Queens, French Guitar Helly Lucy Licenser’s recording manager, has already proved to be an award-winning festival after the album has been released by the American audience. But Letissier’s French seems to catch French success, and this brand of pop that could not have been happily happy with the toy and identity happily in 2018. Whether it appears to be breaking out, but in any way, one of the most populous populations of the pop’s return sounds massively.

Lupe Fiasco – Dougas VV

When you thought that when the album Luck used to talk about the past, the 24 24 song Epic Douglas Wave of Loop Fassco found his way quickly, so just went ahead and left it. The album always promises to be mentally high-thought and intellectual for course. “Diggas Wave is based on a story about a group of slaves who are hiding from their transport slave ship from Africa,” he said, “the slaves did not sink, and instead of sea Dougas’ is a Spanish word for the drug. I made it a trigger for which ‘God has not told us’. ”

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The self-declared Hoop-hop Budbear Brickminton has filled with high and high, the opportunity to become a fixture on festive circuits and its fascinating performance is to be a fixture, but then with members of riches It is also time to take along the way. They faced sexual abuse allegations. This is the first offer in a planning, an expensive claim that artificial staff should not have any trouble since then. As one of Rip Music’s fastest-stars stars, they are well aware that you are never allowed to go.

Metric – Duty of Art

During the last decade, Canada’s Sun-Rock Band Matrix has never felt enough comfort in India or the alternative world. You are likely to open a field larger than smile pumpkins, but you are likely to see the leader Emily Hansen to visit such a leader’s social scene as a featured tourist. On his latest album, Matrix again proves that he can do all this, because cultural houses make an essential part of the Actual scene and want to take his song through the field battle for the big room.

Joyce Manor – Millions of dollars to meet me

Five albums, and there is no doubt who Joyce Manor knows who they are. So, total pop counties have developed hip music for music tapes and ward tour for Indie Blogs, at least to soften their position in their closing years. But Joyce Monor has really stacked out, he knows his way around his shape, when he comes to the composition, his way around his shapes is known, while he still has his songs They deeply spread young people who seek style.

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Lana del Rack – “Venice B * Touch”

Lana del Rey’s high career is much higher in heaven than most artists, including unusual jams such as “video games” and “love”. It is with this that there is a song such as “Venice B * Touch”, you wonder what’s really the best thing he ever recorded. It is definitely available on its own exhibit, spread beyond approximately 10 minutes and features a wide variety of natural features, which exits from the home how to “win” As a song reminds. Bringing it out of the pocket, explains what the song La Rica is singing, and the results are not fabulous.

Cat Power – “Stay”

In fact, it is making a steel between 30 seconds of patients, or the strange ass of WinDL’s social media virus moment, is a “deep” part of the music consciousness. But Cat Power has still managed to bring something new to its version, as soon as he carries a lot of career in the past 20 years. It is familiar with “Stay”, but it is interesting to be completely disturbed, its script can not be completely ignored with Cat Power, in its view for its classic lyrics.

In such a world where rare music hits are rare about imagination, imagine that the dragon can not see any mistake. Even his recent album, Evul, who managed to be ranked in number 3, this stylish track “Natural” is currently at the top of the chart. Coming Wreck- This will continue to be the “Zero,” a rule from the Ruliff sequel, which promises. “Zero” is less than a stadium wheat compared to the autumn of the bed, showing a band that does not prove to be surprisingly hard to pin, unless you have anything under success umbrella. Do not want to trace

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Lil Uzi Vert – “New Patrick”

Good things show them what they look forward to. Lil Uzi Vert is a newest example of this practice, his first single person was waiting for the month to provide a track for the passage of the individual attack. Like the best rear hit, it is like a memorable song and song that informs about the growing moments of new exciting moments, and yet its nature feels dangerous in nature.

Lil Peep & XXXTentacion – “Fall Down”

Recently, the two dying artists linked to the connection, which was released in position. The most amazing thing about this is that this is exactly the hip-hop song, some closer to it will record a nice Charlotte. And although the presence of any type of verse may stand to prevent, the course of the song is an instant caravan, and both of them can be in a circulation.


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