Find out that new shows, originals, and movies are coming to the Streaming Platform in September, because we include our list of top recommendations, including Black Paint, American Wonder Session 2, and American Drar Story: Call!
Emily Connie and Meteorfied on September 28, 2018 until 1:59 pm

Netflix users have to continue to continue new streaming content for users. This month, there were new releases of superhero, comedy and more. During September 2018, the best new things you join are here, including things that are ready to watch this week and more. [Update: If you come next month, it can be more motivated, we have a complete list of what’s new to Netflix in October.]

The best way to spell the month is to start with the black paint of Mars. The Victory Treasury service kills September 4, and you can connect to all of your favorite moments, including all her time with her liners.

Additionally, the American Drag Story: Total Netflix has come. Starting on September 18, you can tie through the entire season in a shadow, if you like, and all oddly, troubled moments, such as people who are doing everything in the role of Mask and Sarah Palson.

On Sept. 7, the return to Netflix for the Iron Filter season 2. The weather is awful, but the latest addition to the Marvel / Netflix Universe actually appears a ton of potentially. By the trailer, fighting scenes are very spectacular, and many miraculous fans hope the series can be saved. At least there is no other fight for hand.

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Finally, if you want to fall in the hot throat of the 80s John Hughes movies, you want to capture popcorn’s wide bucket and see the 1985 breakfast club. A number of high school children with different clicks facilitates custody on weekends. They all know that they are not very different after all. In addition, if you are dirty bull you are horny.

There are many great movies and TV shows to check, which we have described in the top video. Look at what’s coming, check out the complete list of Netflakes in September 2018.


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